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Comments made by Willard

Supporters Of Prop 34 Say Death Penalty Is Broken And Can’t Be Fixed

"In my own experience, I know of four persons convicted of first-degree murder and sentenced to death, who were later found to be innocent . . . long after the appellate process had been exhausted"
Harry Fogle, Chief Judge of VI Judicial Circuit, Florida
"I have yet to see a death case among the dozens coming to the Supreme Court on eve-of-execution stay applications in which the defendant was well represented at trial"
Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg
"The system is not working....Innocent people are being sentenced to death."
Illinois Supreme Court Justice Moses Harrison II

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Filner Releases Calendar: What's Missing?

Thank you Duck, I would guess most have no Idea about Carl's extreme right-wing ties,even far to the right of Mitt Romney!Budget and policy advisor to Bush?how'd that work out?Filner's connection to DC would be a good thing for SD and California! Keep on Quackin'!

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Supporters Of Prop 34 Say Death Penalty Is Broken And Can’t Be Fixed

VATICAN CITY (CNS) -- The death penalty "is not only a refusal of the right to life, but it also is an affront to human dignity," the Vatican said in a position paper.

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Supporters Of Prop 34 Say Death Penalty Is Broken And Can’t Be Fixed

Since 1973, over 130 people have been released from death rows throughout the country due to evidence of their wrongful convictions. In 2003 alone, 10 wrongfully convicted defendants were released from death row.

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Supporters Of Prop 34 Say Death Penalty Is Broken And Can’t Be Fixed

End Capital Punishment
The death penalty is the ultimate, irreversible denial of human rights. By working towards the abolition of the death penalty worldwide, Amnesty International aims to end the cycle of violence created by a system riddled with economic and racial bias and tainted by human error.
Amnesty International campaigns to abolish the death penalty in the USA by focusing on individual cases of injustice, supporting work for death penalty repeal efforts in the states, and educating campuses and communities about the fatally flawed nature of our capital punishment system.

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DeMaio, Filner Continue Attacks, Mudslinging In KPBS Debate

Pretty funny allegation by TJS, "Bob yelled at my grandma" but I did find a hilarious vid of Carl "leading by example" -

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Report: UT-San Diego Buys NC Times

Journalist David Carr wrote a great article on the U-T
Newspaper as Business Pulpit
There is a growing worry that the falling value and failing business models of many American newspapers could lead to a situation where moneyed interests buy papers and use them to prosecute a political and commercial agenda.
That future appears to have arrived in San Diego, where The U-T San Diego, the daily newspaper bought by the local developer and hotelier Douglas F. Manchester, often seems like a brochure for his various interests.

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Can Obama 'Reintroduce Hope' At Convention?

The number one cause of the national debt are the Bush Tax-cuts
National Debt Graph by President
CHART: Bush Policies Dominant Cause Of National Debt

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Can Obama 'Reintroduce Hope' At Convention?

It's understandable how many claim to not be Republican, most all of their policies are wildly unpopular, in the right wing time-warp bubble, facts are irrelevant.
General Motors and its partners sold 9 million vehicles around the globe in 2011, the company announced Thursday, allowing it to reclaim the title of world’s top-selling automaker.
General Motors recaptures top spot for global auto sales
Less than two years after emerging from bankruptcy, General Motors Co. has regained its spot as the world’s largest global seller of automobiles.
General Motors Is World’s Top-Selling Automaker

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