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Comments made by Winkzy


I caught, as the previous poster pointed out, that the year was 2154, not that it adds or detracts from the story. Also your statement that Dr. Grace wanted Jake to assimilate into the Na'vi is completely wrong, he was assigned as a security detail, the spying assignment was giving by the Colonel. You also state the movies message is "scientists are mean". In the film I saw the scientists were the only advocates for the Na'vi. This leaves me to believe you weren't paying much attention to details.

I also think you're off base with the 3D critique. Pixar's UP (which I found quite satisfying) has zero 3D impact at all. In fact viewing UP in 2D or 3D makes very little difference in the experience. Whereas Avatars floating creatures, plant tendrils, grand vistas, holographic computer displays and creative subtitles would be completely lost in the 2D experience.

Finally I agree with the other poster that you got too caught up in the minutia of the film rather than letting go and allowing yourself to be swept up in the world of Pandora. It's really is too bad (also a bit sad) you could experience what most people did viewing Cameron's latest effort.

December 21, 2009 at 5:11 a.m. ( | suggest removal )