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Comments made by WinterAkita

How Will School District Cut $141 Million Deficit?

Thanks to the caller, Sue, whom questioned the pay structure and benefit packages of teachers because it did allow Richard to answer that very important question about teacher salary and compensation package. How can anyone that have attended public schools or have children attending public schools can even have the idea or impression that our school teachers and staff are being over paid and over compensated? My husband works in the SED program for the SDUSD and in lieu of pay increase or cost of living increase, union members have successfully negotiated health benefits and pensions for our teachers and staff. Portions of property taxes are suppose to go to our schools and help fund classrooms. Over the years, as property taxes get collected, less and less are going back to the classrooms. Most of the tax dollars are going to local medical clinics and headstart programs that focuses on families that DO NOT PAY PROPERTY TAXES (that's another topic I hope KPBS will soon discuss). Many teachers and staff have bought supplies and necessities for classrooms out of their own pockets and many are holding 2nd jobs to compensate for the low pay but have strong passion for teaching and continue to teach at their measly pay. To be working for the SDUSD for over 20 years and earning multiple masters degree, a teacher would top off at less than $75,000 year pay. Let's ask anyone in college right now if they are willing to sign up for that career after accumulating college debt and must obtain multiple master degrees there after in order to have a pay increase. Perhaps if we do want our children to have a better education and educational experience, then enrolling in private schools will be the answer to all the budget cuts in public schools.

October 6, 2010 at 10:10 a.m. ( | suggest removal )

Is Your Shared Bed A War Zone?

Unfortunately, I was only able to catch the last half hour of the radio broadcast but, what caught my attention most was when the female caller shared her experience with her now ex-husband regarding not falling asleep together. Husband on the couch asleep, wife would gently nudge him to go to bed a few times but unsuccessful.

I think it's really essential for couples to continue that physical if not emotional connection of going to bed together.

My husband and I used to go to bed together whether it's on my time or his time, we adjusted accordingly. As of late, (after 2 kids) we find ourselves not adjusting and accommodating each other like we used to. Thus, during the day, we don't work as a team because one would resent the other for not ...simply put, go to bed the previous evening.

Thank you for the interesting program. Although from reading the headliner, it was intended as "Is sharing your bed a war zone?" I felt that both Maureen and Allison covered so much more than just sheet hogging in bed. I really appreciate the caller's comments too because it lets me know that I'm not the only one feeling like couple's therapy or seeking counseling for not sharing a bed together is petty in relations to all things considered in a marriage.

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