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Comments made by Wiseguy894

Caltrans Holds First Public Meeting On I-5 Expansion

Amazing isn't it that San Diego County can't come up with a plan that would take an approach like most West European Countries or other more sophisticated countries that have had similar problems. All that expanding highways will do is increase pollution and destroy the coastal environment we take pride in. The way Caltrans thinks there won’t be any coastal communities except where the very rich and influential people live.

Create a mass transit high speed train system over the current railway route and use the funds there.

Very importantly provide shuttle services from the train stations to work areas and other point of interest locations in each train station vicinity and provide adequate parking at the station and provide sufficient shuttle stops in residential areas. This is the weakest link that currently exists. For heaven's sake increase the days and times of operation.

A far more practical and long term solution than feeding the bloated Caltrans bureaucracy, contractors tied to the deal and other vested interests WITH OUR TAX DOLLARS.

Get real Caltrans and stop taking a myopic approach to transportation issues in San Diego County. Doesn’t take a genius to think this through.

September 2, 2010 at 10:47 p.m. ( | suggest removal )