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Comments made by Womack06

Rants and Raves: The 83rd Academy Awards

Apologies, were you saying you hated the fact that there are 10 nominations instead of 5? If so, I agree. I'm just grateful there were actually 10 worthy films this year instead of the farce from last year. I do feel Fincher was robbed. i was hoping he would at least get an oscar for best director. His body of work is incredible. Possibly the best director around today. And that took some major guts saying that MACHETE made your wosrt I mean your best list. WOW

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Rants and Raves: The 83rd Academy Awards

It was a bland year? Then what would you have called last year? Maybe three of last year's nominations for best picture could have stood up to this year's ten. But I guess if you had your way you would replace INCEPTION with DEVIL (come on!) and TRUE GRIT with GREENZONE (really?). But hey you were right with Bale deserving the Oscar. It was way overdue. He totally deserved it. But instead of THE MACHINIST he should have been nominated for AMERICAN PSYCHO and RESCUE DAWN.
And i don't even want to know what's going through Accomando's mind. You say you hate the 10 nominations for best picture but what would you have nominated? I don't even want to know. And you said Russell Brand and Helen Mirren were the oddest couple onstage? Well seeing that they both starred in THE TEMPEST it really doesn't seem that odd at all that they would pair them together does it? You sound like you are just not a fan of quality films.

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