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Comments made by WriteLaw

San Diego Office Says 'No Boys Allowed' — Sort Of

Hera Hub is a fantastic addition to the San Diego coworking scene. Each of the various coworking spaces offers something unique to its members:

Co-Merge fills a need for the downtown professionals
3rd Space provides the openness and flexibility artists crave
Hera Hub offers a distraction free environment for female entrepreneurs
Encinitas Technology Center creates a workspace for tech startups

I am grateful that San Diego has such a vibrant small business community and locally owned coworking spaces to allow us to build our businesses with flexibility. I am thrilled that I have a space outside of my home office to work and be productive.

I have visited several of the local coworking spaces and while I am happy to call Hera Hub my business home, I encourage my entrepreneur friends to find the best space for their needs. Thank you Claire for getting the word out about Hera Hub and for shining some light on coworking in general!

October 17, 2013 at 12:40 p.m. ( | suggest removal )