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Comments made by ZERObama

Bill To Ban Fracking in California Goes Before State Senate

I appreciate Butler's bill, but her contention that "there isn't enough known about the process" is either a politically expedient example of posturing, or sheer naiveté. Plenty is known about the extreme hazards of tracking, such as are presented here


/ among hundreds of published articles just in the past year on this environmentally lethal practice. Fracking should be halted immediately, and never given another chance to be resurrected. Anyone who can rationalize permanently contaminated ground- and surface water, human deaths, destruction of soils, agriculture, and wildlife habitat for the profits of corporations is indeed a very sick individual. Fracking has no absolutely no place in California or on the planet, and if politicians force citizens to take a militant stand against their complicity in the "right" to profit over the inalienable rights of individuals and collective human health and safety, then that's a war that will necessarily be waged against the forces of death and destruction.

February 21, 2013 at 10:10 p.m. ( | suggest removal )