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Comments made by ZeN

Political Analysis: When Do Political Attacks Become Libelous?

Wells... you complete imbecile. So since Obama hasn't sued Sinclair proves Sinclair's story true? What else have you got?
Anything? Anything at all?? (I didn't think so.) Know why?
Because there isn't anything. Because it NEVER HAPPENED.

Sinclair is a liar, proven time and time again and you still insist to believe him. What is it that you hate about Obama so much that drives this willingness to latch onto ANYTHING negative about him? You're some patriot, Wells.

I think that "he never sued so it must be true" defense just proves that this is all about trying to get Obama to sue somebody. "look at me ... look how important I am". He never had Sinclair killed either so by your logic how does the Donald Young lie add-on to Sinclair's story hold water??

I think the world knew when Sinclair failed the lie detector test with flying colors what his allegations were worth. Sinclair is a career criminal and complete nutcase with zero credibility and his only purpose on this earth at this point is to be made fun of. That's his contribution to society now.

citizenwells // yesterday at 12:41 p.m. ― 22 hours, 10 minutes ago
"The no brainer statement is that Obama has not sued Sinclair.
For that matter, I have long hoped for Obama to sue me for my coverage of the story."

November 6, 2009 at 11:07 a.m. ( | suggest removal )