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Comments made by Zeke

Wind Energy Proposal Gets Mixed Reviews In Boulevard

I listened to the program on wind this morning and felt that this would benefit some people that called in today.

National Renewable Energy Laboratory
A national laboratory of the U.S. Department of Energy Office of Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy
Analysis: Economic Impacts of Wind Applications in Rural Communities
June 18, 2004 — January 31, 2005

This report analyzed 13 completed studies on the economic impact of wind farms in rural communities and then to compared them to one another. While the studies collected for this report represent several different types of economic impact studies all of them indicate that investment in wind power creates a positive impact on rural economies in the form of an increase in jobs, income, and taxes.

Due to the nature of this report and the broad cross-section of data available from each study summarized here, it is difficult to draw specific conclusions about the positive impact of wind installations on local and state economies. However, it is possible to draw several general conclusions:

• Wind installations create a large direct impact on the economies of rural communities, especially those with few supporting industries. For example, in communities in which farming is the only large industry, the installation of wind farms creates another industry that becomes a large percentage of the local tax base and contributes to local businesses.

• Small communities with few large industries see greater leakage of revenue into nearby towns that provide more services. These small communities therefore experience less indirect and induced impact of a wind installation than a larger community with the ability to provide a greater number of services.

Regarding Real Estate Values:

Visit The National Association Realtors website that showcases a number of reports and findings re. wind farms and their relation to the Real Estate market. The overall finding - not much change is being seen in housing values or in the equity of homes that reside next to wind farms – its more traditional factors i.e. schools, job location, location to family and friends etc. that remain the overriding factors that impact housing values.

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