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Comments made by abi

Whooping Cough, Experts Say Vaccinate

I don't consider that the safety and efficacy of vaccines to be proven. No vaccine has ever had a double blind placebo controlled study. Vaccines are assumed safe. As for efficacy we can see that they are ineffective. 'Science' is not god-like and perfect.....who pays for the studies that support them? The ones that are making money from them. Who are non-vaccinating....those that have been personally affected and harmed and have started to be heard though these forums. For the you really think vaccines will ever protect us from 100% of all known pathogens? Paul Offit (Pediatrician) has stated that babies could tolerate 10,000 that the gold standard in health care? I prefer to work on my own health to ensure that if I do get sick I am strong enough to recover

December 12, 2010 at 9:39 p.m. ( | suggest removal )

Whooping Cough Has Sickened Thousands, Is The Vaccine Working?

A factor in the increase may be linked to increased numbers of c-section babies...there is a link between c-sections and breathing difficulties in babies. Also immune system assault from injecting newborns with hep b vaccine could be a factor...newborn babies should not have to be exposed to a toxic cocktail of chemicals for a vaccine for a disease of IV drug and sex transmission. Let them be to develop a strong system naturally....why should their tiny livers and kidneys have to deal with such a trauma?

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