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Comments made by Angela Carone

City Finds More Money For San Diego Opera

@Operatenor: The commission did void the ranking. According to officials at the city, they will consider reinstating a ranking for the opera at some time in the near future. I was also told the opera can apply for funds next year.

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Ex-San Diego Opera Chief Didn't Stand To Gain Financially If Company Closed

Tomp: also, we just updated the copy that goes with the audio link. Thanks for commenting.

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Ex-San Diego Opera Chief Didn't Stand To Gain Financially If Company Closed

Tomp: When I produced the radio version of this story, I only had an unsigned copy of the amendment. On Thursday afternoon, I was given a signed copy. The audio posted here is from the morning - I didn't do a second radio version because I was out of the office. However, we updated the web story when we received a signed copy and posted the document (see above). Our stories always indicate the time in which the story was updated on the homepage. Thanks, Angela

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San Diego Catholics Weigh In On Pope Francis

@commus, As I understand it, dioceses are allowed to conduct the survey in different ways. I sought comment from the San Diego diocese and received the following response:

"Bishop Flores notified ALL pastors that he would collect
responses/input toward a single diocesan response. Several pastors have
sent in responses, some of them after engaging their staff or their
parish pastoral council.

Bishop Flores' staff is collating and combining the responses into a
single document that will be sent to the USCCB offices (United States
Conference of Catholic Bishops)."

Some diocese have chosen to put the survey online for people to fill out:

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Frida Kahlo Paintings In San Diego: Do Audiences Know They're Copies?

@tdawson: thanks for commenting. I did mention that line in my article and noted its presence on the exhibit's website and multiple online event listings. As I stated in my story, information about the exhibit is most reliable online. The most notable absence of the replica information is at the actual exhibit itself and in the promotional materials.

November 27, 2013 at 10:40 a.m. ( | suggest removal )

The Best Elevator Ride In San Diego

@dialyn: Sorry about the delay responding.

The money for the public art in the library comes from the library project budget. It's funded through the City's percent-for-art policy: 2% for art in public construction projects undertaken by the City of San Diego.

The budget for "Corpus Callosum" is $160,000.

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Female Mariachi Musicians In Male-Dominated Artform

@Missionaccomplished: yes, that's true. However, I don't think one singer/actress (who isn't part of an mariachi band?) has changed the overall perception in the States that mariachi music is something men perform. As I stated in the story, women have been performing mariachi music for years, but the perception persists that it is a male-dominated art form. This is definitely changing, according to my subject and the curator of the show. Mariachi Divas are popular and have won a Grammy.

Either way, the exhibit itself is new - a history of women in mariachi. The curator, Leonor Perez, is working on a book on the subject. Thanks for commenting!

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Printing Art At Home With A 3D Printer

@DevonSowell: Wenman prints mostly antiquities, which are no longer under copyright. They are in the public domain. A museum may own the work and can control access, but they don't own a copyright.

July 10, 2013 at 11:10 a.m. ( | suggest removal )

Art In An Unlikely Place: An Ocean Beach Public Bathroom

mlcred, thanks for pointing this out. I used the term "author" too broadly and probably should have used "writer", the term the artist used in our interview.

I clarified some other points with the artist today, via email. He writes:

"I am not "quoting" these writers per say, I am using their texts as an element and inspiration in my work re-imagining what OB people's aspirations were at the turn of the century."

He says he did look at Froude and sent this clarification:

"Froude, according to the 1972 article on San Diego historical society, is "probably" based on a historian James Anthony Froude, not a mathematician..."

I will make the appropriate changes to the article. Thanks again.

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Let's Talk Tupac: Creepy, Amazing, Or Both?

On Facebook post: Edward Wilensky writes: "Creepy. And I imagine many artists now should start coming up with a posthumous business plan and manager to represent their likeness and interests after death. On the plus side, I guess we can look forward to a Joy Division, Nirvana and Eliott Smith headliner next year at Coachella."

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