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Comments made by accessyouth

Closing Achievement Gap Is Nationwide Challenge

What a compelling and necessary conversation! Many thanks for Dr. Flores for highlighting the multi-faceted hurdles that many Latino students (and other minority students) face everyday outside of simple school testing. It brightened my morning and will undoubtedly inspire the rest of my day, as my work is directly in-line with closing the achievement gap for many of our underprivileged San Diego youth.

I work for a youth enrichment nonprofit called Access Youth Academy (Surf City Squash) that focuses on the students that come from difficult socio-economic backgrounds, and we provide them with motivation and support to better themselves through a combination of academics, community service and the sport of squash (www.accessyouthacademy).

I've seen students juggle the stresses of taking care of their brothers, sisters, parents and grandparents, dealing with the realities of immigration, eschew the temptations of street life, handle high school and come out as strong young adults that are no longer asking what job they would have to take after high school to pay the rent(if they graduated) but now ask which top-tier university they can attend. It's amazing what the proper attention can do for a young person.

I hope the Hispanic Association of Colleges and Universities will continue to have such a well-rounded and comprehensive view to closing this achievement gap as Dr. Flores discussed. Excellent topic.

September 16, 2010 at 9:55 a.m. ( | suggest removal )