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Comments made by aconcernedcitizen

Sequestration Stops Marines Tuition Assistance Program

I think that this is a huge problem to cut the tuition assistance for the Marines. As a former Navy Corpsman, I know what it feels like to be on either side of the fence with Marines/Sailors. Regardless, the benefit needs to stand. The benefit was just recently raised to meet all other branches of service. I can remember both services NCO's not allowing members to attend (based upon needs supposedly), but just because that was how they were done in their careers (Operant Conditioning). Need I also mention that Sailors and Marines, in reserve status are/were never eligible to receive it? USAR, ASAF, ARNG, AIRNG, USCG (now under DHS), USCGRES, USARES, all are eligible to receive it in every capacity. Basically, our operational capacity is far above the other branches, as we protect America's interest abroad, under direct guidance of the Commander and Chief, and always the first in every fight. Who captured Sadaam and killed Osama? It's f***en sad that political non-sense affects those that are most dedicated to a righteous cause. Not knocking any other branches of service, but I've seen engineers on a naval boat work 6 hours on/6 hours off for a 6 month rotation. Hopefully, their 4 hour watch isn't within the time frame they should be sleeping. They see daylight about twice within that period. Deck seaman performing manual duties 18 1/2 hours throughout the day. Airmen on a flighteck, risking limb/life to safely land an Osprey, Marines risking it all to save another. Do they really deserve to be held back on achieving education while serving? If there was a way for the Navy/Marines now to just receive the equal amount, try balancing the budget in between all the branches. The Department of the Navy is the sole responsibility of the President and the other branches receive financing from Congress. The President cut defense spending overseas, they cut his Presidential budget. I don't particular care for either side of the aisle, but the country needs to wake up. He is in fact, The Commander and Chief, Congress is what it is, and Our Sailors/Marines/Soldiers/Airmen don't deserve any of it....

March 8, 2013 at 1:08 p.m. ( | suggest removal )