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Comments made by ageless1952

Calif. Senate Bill Opens Door For Downtown Chargers Stadium

Mayor Sanders should RESIGN IMMEDIATELY, he has comitted FRAUD against the citizens of San Diego , and should be arrested and prosecuted .

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Calif. Senate Bill Opens Door For Downtown Chargers Stadium

To learn the TRUTH of what is really going on in San Diego :

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Calif. Senate Bill Opens Door For Downtown Chargers Stadium

He will now need the collective skills of his expansive team of ex-UT spinmeisters. Alex Roth in particular will be tested. Roth mercilessly pursued Mike Aguirre while he was in possession of a powerful U-T reporter's pen. Sanders rewarded him with a well-paid City job. Aguirre will relish the opportunity of a more level playing field. For good reason, Aguirre detests Roth almost as much as he detests Sanders.

To return to the ancient Troy analogy, Sanders has now been summoned before the legislative body to give an account of himself. Other than the Hector vs. Achilles epic battle to the death before the walls of Troy, there is nothing I would rather witness than Sanders facing Marti Emerald.

While I doubt that Marti will drag the dead body of Sanders behind her chariot around the walls of the city, as the victorious Hercules did with the slain Hector at Troy, I intend to have my video camera in the Chamber on that historic day to record it for the ages.

It will be "Homeric

All the above was taken from PAt Flannery on the web, from the Blog of San Diego.

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Calif. Senate Bill Opens Door For Downtown Chargers Stadium

The second part of Frye's motion is what will make Tuesday historic. In view of Alessi's evasiveness, she amended her motion to require that, within thirty days, CCDC's Executive Director Fred Maas must "appear before this body to answer any and all questions related to how this event occurred" and she wants his written report to the Redevelopment Agency.

DeMaio cleverly added (and Frye agreed) that in addition to a written report from Fred Maas of CCDC, the Executive Director of the Redevelopment Agency itself, i.e. Jerry Sanders, also submit a written report to the Redevelopment Agency and appear before that body within thirty days. Amazingly that motion carried unanimously. I can imagine the scene in Sanders' office as they all sat glued to City TV. No doubt Sanders dropped the "F" bomb liberally.

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Calif. Senate Bill Opens Door For Downtown Chargers Stadium

Those familiar with Todd Gloria's campaign contribution lists would not have to ask how he was going to vote. Like Hueso, Young and Faulconer he is tied hand and foot by builder/developer dollars. He is just a little more silver-tongued about hiding it. His clever mantra is always the legal requirement of redevelopment to build affordable housing, while knowing that the developers are allowed to get away without fulfilling that obligation.

Gloria was the swing vote in not sending a letter to the Governor opposing SB 863. Faulconer and Young had already made their intentions clear. The four Yes votes of Lightner, DeMaio, Frye and Emerald fell short. By ducking the vote at the last moment, Hueso had ensured the measure's defeat while being able to claim to be both for and against it, depending on which of his campaign contributors he is speaking to. Hueso is the quintessential politician

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Calif. Senate Bill Opens Door For Downtown Chargers Stadium

Hueso saw the trap and suddenly called a two minute break. He had obeyed the lobbyists' instructions to the letter, but their game plan was now unraveling. I noticed that he delayed to collect all his paperwork before leaving the Chair. That was a sure sign that he was not coming back for the vote. His true allegiance was laid bare in the low tide of money politics. Like Young, he has remained a faithful puppet of the special interests that control him.

Councilmember Faulconer now took the Chair. DeMaio resumed explaining his amendment that apparently had spooked Hueso. DeMaio would require City staff to do what they had been instructed to do before the Mayor's coup. He wanted a staff study of the effects on the General Fund of lifting the tax increment cap. He wanted it in the form of a written report to the Agency.

In his eagerness to serve his builder/developer bosses, Young then flat out lied about redevelopment dollars. He repeated the old lie that if the City does not divert property taxes to the Redevelopment Agency, those dollars, instead of going to the General Fund and Schools, go to other cities such as Los Angeles and San Francisco. Young has shamefully inherited that Madaffer/BIA lying mantra.

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Calif. Senate Bill Opens Door For Downtown Chargers Stadium

Then a parade of special interest lobbyists repeated the clearly agree-upon "gift horse" theme. Mike Aguirre challenged the Mayor to come up to the Chamber and face the City Council. Aguirre told Hueso that far from shifting legal liability to the State, the Mayor, by his involvement in this midnight coup, had made the City liable for undermining its elected legislative body.

From his uncomfortable perch on the fence, Hueso waffled on about what he could and could not support. DeMaio saw an opening. To accommodate Hueso he would split the motion into two parts, to be voted upon separately. DeMaio saw that a letter to the Governor would fail so he decided to move against the Mayor in a different way.

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Calif. Senate Bill Opens Door For Downtown Chargers Stadium

Next came one of the most memorable moments in the history of the Council Chamber - Marti Emerald grilling CCDC's Frank Alessi. CFO Alessi had the misfortune of being the senior CCDC official in the Chamber. Fred Maas was in Syracuse NY. She started by telling Alessi that she would have great difficulty believing anything he or his staff ever told her again.

The Mayor's staff had by now abandoned the room, leaving Alessi no choice but to "Take the Fifth". He kept saying "I don't have an answer to that question". He admitted to having heard of the Sacramento caper about two weeks earlier. Emerald asked him if he was instructed by the Mayor to keep it a secret. He declined to answer. Marti wanted to know "who hatched this idea and why it was kept from us"?

Finally, Emerald said "if you are not willing to answer our questions, somebody will and we will have to have some serious discussions down the road about the future of this agency, serious discussions". You could cut the tension.

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Calif. Senate Bill Opens Door For Downtown Chargers Stadium

In response, Hueso donned the flimsy mantle of defender of the City against lawsuits. The State, he claimed, had accepted sole liability by unilaterally lifting the CCDC cap. He challenged Goldsmith to say he was wrong. Jan countered that if, upon studying SB 863, his office found that it was legally flawed, the City would be required to follow Redevelopment Law as it was before SB 863. That drove Hueso crazy.

He tried to brow beat Goldsmith into giving the "right" legal advise but Jan was unmoved. The ultimate politician, Hueso then tried to turn defeat to advantage by pretending he was now totally confused and unable to make up his mind which way to vote. Nice move. Running for the State Assembly he has campaign contributors on both sides of the cap issue and desperately needed to punt. What an unprincipled menace he will become at State level if he is elected in November to the 79th Assembly District.

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Calif. Senate Bill Opens Door For Downtown Chargers Stadium

Frye's initial motion for immediate docketing was passed 6-2 with Faulconer and Young voting No. She then made her motion to send a letter to the Governor disapproving the cap waiver legislation. DeMaio seconded it. Frye assured Young that far from saving the City $500,000, it would cost the City plenty because there would undoubtedly be lawsuits.

She urged her Council colleagues to keep their word to the public and stick to the promised process. She warned those who liked what Sanders had done, that someday they would find themselves in her position if they allowed his latest usurpation of their powers to stand.

DeMaio then made a very good point: "what do we do if the Governor signs the legislation?" It showed how clearly he thinks on his feet, not merely obeying instructions from special interests as others do.

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