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Comments made by agondontor

Costs Of State's Illegal Immigrant Population

This video is the biggest load of BS I have heard lately. It costs to educate the ILLEGALS. They will never be productive and contributing members of American society because they are CRIMINALS from the start. They are getting everything the need and want at OUR EXPENSE so what possible incentive do they have to become legal citizens. Besides they should be arrested when the seek citizenship application because they are here ILLEGALLY.

CRIMINALS do not make ideal candidates for U.S. citizenship. The medical costs put a burden on an already overburdened taxpayer.

NOT ONE RED CENT of taxpayer money should go to give aid and comfort to those breaking our laws. Taxpayer money is to benefit CITIZENS, NOT CRIMINALS.

What part of ILLEGAL don't these people understand?

My recommendations:

1. No legal ID shall be issued to a person that cannot show proof of U.S. citizenship. This includes Drivers License, Social Security, or any other form of ID.

2. No taxpayer funded programs shall be eligible to anyone who cannot prove they are U.S. citizens.

3. Illegals shall serve a minimum one year sentence in Federal prison before deportation. Repeat offenders shall have their sentence doubled for each successive offense.

4. Employers caught hiring illegals shall also serve a one year sentence in Federal prison. Second offense shall forfeit their business license.

5. Those persons convicted of being in the U.S illegally shall permanently forfeit the privilege to apply for citizenship.

6. Proof of citizenship shall be required of anyone seeking medical care in a hospital or any other medical facility or doctor's office. Continued care shall be denied once life-threatening emergencies are addressed. Arrest and conviction and the term in Federal prison and deportation to follow.

7. Proof of citizenship shall be required to enter into any educational institution including private schools or tutoring programs.

CITIZENSHIP IS A PRIVILEGE, not a human right.

July 23, 2010 at 9:26 p.m. ( | suggest removal )