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Imperial Valley Tribes Oppose Sunrise Powerlink

The expression of emotion is based on facts which affect the regions people. There's been a misrepresentation of facts regarding the issue, as a result people express their concerns by speaking out.

The "johnny-come-latelys" is not accurate--the Powerlink oppositional movement over Sunrise Powerlink started in the 1980's. This phase orientated project is a concern for many people, and its good to see the people engaged in this collective movement.l For the people; maybe younger generations, new-residents to San Diego, people just hearing about the issue/project and feel concerned- it's NEVER TOO LATE TO CARE....

I'm glad the issues surrounding local Tribal concerns is being engaged--- as one of many "stakeholder's," and together there's a common goal.. Everything to gain our Beautiful land...Beautiful land--sage, oaks, eagles, and sacred site protection from the ground-up. A community standing together for a common goal..

“The accomplice to the crime of corruption is frequently our own indifference”

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