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Comments made by ahora007

Convicted Sex Offenders Petition For Changes To Jessica's Law

I have some car thefts in my past so I am no angel. I was a greedy person when I was younger and a con artist wanna be. That being said I am 43 years old and have never been convicted, arrested, questioned or suspected of any crime with violence. No domestic violence or problems with how I treat my kids. I have never even had the police come to my house for loud noises. Rapists are peices of dirt and I believe when you go through a 43 year old rapists history there is bound to be violen ce there. They hate women is what I hear so they would have something I would think. They have had my DNA for 23 years now and I have never been questioned or anything. The "victim" goes to my older son house and laughs at him and tells him to give me messages. He ignores her. A few months ago there was a guy who got arrested for rape at his high school and did 5 years in prison. He was on parole and the girl facebook messages him and says shes sorry for lying and meets him where he has a private investigator wire his house and she says straight out that she is sorry she lied but she cant help him because if she told the truth, she would have to give back the one and a half million that the school district gave her and her mom. they cleaned his record but his life is ruined. Know what they did to her?.....Nothing.

His name is Brian Banks. Look it up. Its a crazy story. It does happen. It happens with mistaken identity and it happens in cases with mine with a pissed off wife or girlfriend. I have done stupid things n my life but I would never do anything to a woman or a child. Or a man either obviously.

If anyone is looking for a good employee I work hard and I am willing to provide you with my records from the court and many references and you would have to talk with my parole officer where you can ask questions if you want to hire me. All I want to do is put it all behind me so I can support my children and pay my bills.

My e-mail is

Thank you

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Convicted Sex Offenders Petition For Changes To Jessica's Law

I have 5 kids the youngest one is 9 and he lives with me which although my charge had nothing to do with children I had to get permission from parole because they got in alot of crap because they werte not watching those guys that killed and raped several girls like chelsea king and amber dubois. I have a limit on how far I can live from parks and schools although it is not 2000 feet like a child molester it still poses a problem. I cannot take my kid to an amusement park, baseball game or anywhere else that kids go to. I have to get pemission to go to his school. I get treated like a child molester. I have to charge my leg twice a day and cannot have a job, friend or girlfriend without telling them that I am a convicted child molester. Do you think that is fair? If I am telling the truth ... You dont know but if I am telling the truth can you imagine the hell I am in? I am begging to work for minimum wage. I was upper management making 60,000 a year and now Im begging to wash dishes. I cant get a job once I get to the part where I have to tell them Im a sex offender. Even the places that help felons to get jobs do not help sex offenders.

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Convicted Sex Offenders Petition For Changes To Jessica's Law

They came at me with a deal. Remember the public defender does not want you to go to trial unless it is high profile and he can get famous. Less work to plead you out. So they say we can give you 30 years in priison if we convict you but if you plead guilty to sexual battery which is like walking down the street and grabbing someones ass then we will give you 2 more months. I told them no because I didnt do it and I would never register as a sex offender. The attorney tells me that he thinks we can win but their is no 100% chance and that if I plead guilty to the lesser charge that I would be home in 2 months. They also wrote down on my plea agreement that I would not ever have to register as a sex offender. I was scared they would believe her and I would get 30 years. I was 20 years old. Thinking about being in jail one more day let alone 30 years as a rapist was to scary. I plead peoples vs west which says you are not saying you committed the crime but you are taking advantage of the plea bargain.

I did a couple more months and stayed out of trouble for 17 years. Never had to register as a sex offender. 6 years ago I had someone that was stalking myself and my family but he didn t know my sons name. He sold cars and knew people at the DMV and tracked us down every time we moved. I figured out how he did it. I sold my car and motorcycle and bought new ones and put them under my sons name and moved. I was arrested because my son is a minor and although I can sigh his name I have to put "for" before the signature. I was told when I was arrested that the law changed and now I have to register as a sex offender. I told them and showed them my sentencing paperwork with my agreement that UI would never have to register but the ;laws changed and I was fucked. I went to prison for 6 years at 80% for the DMV controlling case. When you have a sex charge you almost always get the max because the judge does not want to be the guy that lets you go with 3 years and you get out and rape or kill someone. I just got out of prison january 29th. I have to wear a ankle monitor 24/7 for 3 years while im on parole. I dod not have to be on the website because my charge was not considered violent. It is the only charge that you do not have to be on the megans law web site.

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Convicted Sex Offenders Petition For Changes To Jessica's Law

KJUSTUS. I am 43 now. I was 20 years old when I was dating a 23 year old. She asked me the day she met me how much money I made and I lied and told her I had a great job and I was buying a house in La Jolla etc. I knew she was a gold digger and she was hot so I decided I would take a shot. Something people do in clubs and bars all the time.

To make a long story short, We dated a few months and she wanted to get married. I was working at 7-11 and I knew she wwas gonna find out and I didnt want any drama. At this time she was sleeping at her parents house in Mexico but she was basically living with me. We were in a sexual relationship since about 4 hours after I met her. I told her I was not ready and she got pissed. I wanted to see if she really liked me and told her I decided I was going to move back to michigan. I wanted to see if she just left or if she was gonna beg me to stay. She left and I went to work and called her but she was not available is what her brother said. I figured I needed to tell her the truth and we would deal with it.

I got off work and at 6 am I went home and was surrounded by the police in front of my house. I had no idea what happened. They asked me my name and I told them and they said I was under arrest for rape. I told them they had the wrong guy. I was working all night and they said it happened about 12 hours ago. I told them no way I was with my girlfriend all day and they could call her. They asked me what her name was. Yep she was the "victim". I went to jail. This is how the criminal justice system in our great country works.

Ironically there was no trauma to her and no semen or anything as that day was the only day since I met her that we didnt have sex. They did find some semenal fluid on the sheets but since I dont wash my sheets every day thats no surprise. I got to the preliminary hearing with a public defender. She brings her friend and I never met her friend but her friend fucked up and told the court that she picke her up at my house but added in something my x did not. She said when she picked up my gf she asked her to take her to La Jolla. She took her to a house and they went to the door and she asked the owners if they were selling their house to me. They said they didnt know me and they were not selling their house. She got in the car and told her friend that she was raped by me. The court dropped the charges but a year later under a new DA I think the charges were refiled and I was arrested. I made it through court. This is where your comment "If you are not guilty, you dont plead guilty."

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