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Comments made by aldanoli

Defending Prop 8: Someone’s Got To Do It

I agree with Mr. Fudge -- it's easy for the opponents of Prop. 8 (of whom I would count myself) to say that Brown and Schwarzenegger were "right" not to defend it. But I can envision future situations where, e.g., a strong pro-environment or similar proposition gets challenged by a group like the Pacific Legal Foundation (which is to right wing what the ACLU is to the left). California has had attorneys general like George Deukmejian and Dan Lungren, and governors like Deukmejian and Pete Wilson -- it's easy to envision such a governor or A.G. saying that he/she won't defend a liberal proposition like that, and then the same standing argument would prevent, e.g., the Sierra Club or similar group being forbidden to defend the proposition in court. So, as the saying goes -- be careful what you wish for, because you just might get it.

December 31, 2010 at 10:38 p.m. ( | suggest removal )