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Comments made by alesiapoynter

Why Does The Sound of Chewing Make Some People Panic?

I agree Donnie with the visuals. Even if I have headphones or earplugs in, the visuals will kill me. I was on a plane recently and when the attendants started handing out bags of chips to everyone I went into a panic and crying attack at just the sight of it all. I cannot stand to watch someone chewing makes me miserable and I can't stop looking as if it's a bad car accident. When someone is shaking their legs I get freaked. The list goes on and on and on.....

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Why Does The Sound of Chewing Make Some People Panic?

I am so happy to help get the word out there in the hope of helping all of the thousands of sufferers out there such as myself. I am thankful that students, doctors and reporters and taking the time and doing the work that it will take to bring better understanding to this little known disorder. I was interviewed for at least an hour and they aired some very small clips....which I am thankful for. But I must say, this issue goes far deeper than just chewing sounds. My top all time triggers are gum, typing , leaf blowers and the sound of bass coming from a neighbors house or car, etc. I will not step foot near a movie theatre!! Many of us have different triggers....there is so much more information and ground breaking evidence that is going to help generations for years to come. I am encouraged that many misophonics have had great success with neurofeedback. I hope to try this method of treatment in the near future. I totally agree with Adah....we are extremely fortunate for those that have taken an interest and will help this bring more attention to misophonia!!

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