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Comments made by alice60

Migrant ‘Dreamers’ Seek To Enter US At San Diego Border

De La Rick

You ARE paying 12 bucks for a head of lettuce, 3.50 at the Safeway and 21% of your income in taxes going to pay for the subsdizing of illegals from vehicle insurance to public schools to WICCA to rent subsidies. Probably paying around 20 for that lettuce once it's all added up.
Let the Mexicans work in Mexico. Let the families broken up by deportment meet SOUTH OF THE BORDER to reform and be a family again.

If the illegals were voting the Republican ticket, the border would have landmines by now.

Wake up dude.

March 12, 2014 at 8:30 a.m. ( | suggest removal )

Migrant ‘Dreamers’ Seek To Enter US At San Diego Border

Dear MissionUnaccomplished,

you asked; """" PLEASE DO pray tell how a foreign attorney is allowed to practice law in the USA WITHOUT a license, passing the bar exam, etc""""

The recent Supreme Court decision that allowed not ony an foriegn atty to practice law in the US, but one that has been in the country illegaly for over 20 years is very easy to find with a simple google ..........

Why is it you are so unaware and so reluctant to research before egesting inane and incorrect retorts???

It worries me that you should be allowed to vote because you seem comfortable with being unaware, yet you have strong opinions tha you treat as ifthey were facts and which were fed to you by the MSM because you are too unmotivated to to expend the time and effort to find out what is really happenening and why.

It is persons such as yourself that have no idea what living in a country with out the rights and freedoms goiven in the US and thus have no desire to fight for them or to preserve them who will be the cause of their being permanently lost.

Go live in Mexico for a couple years. That is what this country will be like in very short order, unless we close the border and enforce immigration laws. If you survive your 2 years in Mexico and have not had a change of heart then please.

Always remember, it is one thing to be vapid and unaware, it is a whole other thing to ensure you make it known with orotund inanities based on uneducated opinions and backed by the pablum fed to you by the MSM.

March 12, 2014 at 8:23 a.m. ( | suggest removal )