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Comments made by alifan

Alcohol & Crime In Pacific Beach

How long has Mr Chipman lived in Pacific Beach?? Did he arrive before all this increased crime happened and remembers a quieter Pacific Beach or did he get here and then decide he wants to make changes???
Has his organization done anything to curb the on going trend of old small beach style house's that were desgined for 3-4 residents being purchased and demolished and replaced with 3-4 unit town houses with a capacity to triple the residents at that location often without sufficient parking to accomodate the increase and then 9 times out of 10 those units are rented to single adults 21+ who naturally are going to party in Pacific Beach..These same land owners love the property value and the rental income but turn up their noses for the same reason they get that income..
I'm in complete favor of D.U.I checkpoints and hope that anyone who drinks and drives gets arrested before they even pull out of their parking spot, but could we put a checkpoint on both sides of the street and see how many D.U.I's we get coming into the beach, because if they are willing to drive to get here you can achieve two things, 1. Scare anyone coming to the beach who has to drive home because they might be going back thru a checkpoint at some point in the night or 2. See how many people are coming to P.B. to continue to party and have been drinking already....If alcohol crime is sooo high then you have to know that this probably happens every day...
You cannot compare statistic's for Pacific Beach with Mira Mesa or Vista..Give me the statistic's of a Large California beach town surrounded by colleges and overpopulated because of greedy landowners and then we can see how bad P.B. is....
Pacific Beach is a great California beach town and the people who work and live here are hard working friendly people who are a credit to the community

July 1, 2010 at 4:17 p.m. ( | suggest removal )