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Comments made by alphaomega

Catholic Church Goes Green To Counter Global Warming

First: Regardless of whether your data for Rome (link doesn't work) and Copenhagen is true, just because 2 incredibly small areas may be cooling does not mean that the rest of the world, a much larger area, is following that small trend. Also why would you only be looking at data for tree cores unless you're trying to justify your uneducated stance against an incredibly complex issue with one stinking graph. Here's something for you to chew on.

Since when have Catholics believed in creationism? We haven't and the Vatican has never "pushed" the issue. In fact they back Darwin and evolution so get your "facts" straight before you start making outlandish claims. And by now it's pretty apparent you hate on Catholicism and bash it without knowing anything about it (hmmm just like how the majority of Americans hate on Islam and bash it without knowing anything about it) seeing as Catholics do NOT practice literalism, meaning they do NOT believe the story of Noah to be literally true and describing actual real events.

Both sides of the warming debate agree that climate has changed in the past with different warming and cooling phases. BUT, this does not negate the existence of global warming

Get educated foo.

@David Nutzuki
If you're going to try to make any sort of argument then maybe try drawing from facts i.e. credible links. You spewing words for a paragraph doesn't mean anything because you're anything but credible. Also I believe scientists way before I believe someone like you.

OH and there is a consensus among scientists. Obviously you're never going to get 100% agreement but its certainly a consensus

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