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Comments made by ames

Calif. Shark Fin Ban Argued In Federal Court

There is an assumption that all shark fin products arise from slicing them off of a living animal that is discarded, which is inaccurate. While this does happen, shark meat is also commonly eaten (like any other fish), including in the USA. Mako shark and thresher shark for example are delicious and commonly available. Why shouldn't fins be kept and utilized from whole sharks that are harvested? While I support the humane treatment of animals, to suggest that the fish and other seafood in an Asian market are treated more inhumanely than USA derived meat products is absurd! Those fish lived free, wild lives until they were caught. On the flip side, cattle, poultry and pigs are kept in deplorable, immoral captive conditions from birth. When dogs are kept like our live stock are, it gets labeled as a "puppy mill", the SPCA speaks up (rightfully so), and it gets a segment on the news. Few Americans give any thought to where their food comes from.

August 16, 2013 at 3:57 p.m. ( | suggest removal )