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Comments made by ami925

School Board Will Consider More Busing Cuts

runalaska2002: Did you stop to think that sometimes parents do not have the ability to drive their children to and from school? Some children have parents that need to work and in order to keep their jobs, must be able to get to their jobs on time. Maybe, just maybe, the other parent works from home and is unable to obtain a driver's license. What then? Some families actually need the buses in order for their students to get to and from school. Especially the children in the No Child Left Behind program. Without those buses, what good of an education can a student receive when their local school has the worst scores in their district? When the teachers know absolutely nothing about giving them a decent education? Some those students prefer to go to school thirty miles away so they can actually receive an education that is worth something. An education that will get them somewhere and make them someone. Back in your day was different. Back in your day, we didn't have this sort of technology to help us when we truly need it. So stop thinking about "your day" and think about the future generation. The generation that will next run this country.

May 10, 2011 at 8:23 a.m. ( | suggest removal )