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Comments made by anderswright

Film Club Of The Air: 'Biutiful,' 'Marwencol,' 'The Illusionist,' 'Inspector Bellamy'

@olsentm Anders here. It's interesting to me--I feel there's a misconception that most film critics don't really like films. My own experience has taught me that precisely the opposite is true. Anyone who does this sort of work does it as a labor of love of film (it certainly isn't for the money, because the number of people getting rich on film criticism can be counted one hand, if that). But everyone I know who does this does it because they dearly love the movies.

Personally, I don't hate the Oscars at all, but I sincerely feel that this is a fairly lackluster crop of nominees. There are some good films, but there hasn't been much this year that jumped out at me as being simply superb, though I will continue to rave about Exit Through the Gift Shop to anyone who will let me. It's not that The Social Network or The King's Speech are bad films, but it was just three (or was it four?) years ago that we had No Country for Old Men going up against There Will Be Blood--and that was the same year that the entirely-overlooked Romanian film 4 Months, 3 Weeks, and 2 Days should have been in the mix, too. No one could accuse those first two movies of being obscure (the Romanian one I'll grant you). But the craft of those films--the direction, the writing, the acting, all of it--was of such a high quality that it was hard to decide which one should actually win the awards in question. When I look at this crop of nominees, nothing feels like it's anywhere near the quality of those two films. So when I say it felt like a lackluster year, I mean it. There were some movies I really liked and films I really appreciated, but I didn't see much that was head and shoulders above the rest, that elevated the art of filmmaking and made me think and feel.

Anyway, that's just my opinion on the subject, but I hope it offers up a little clarity on the subject.

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Film Club of the Air: Best and Worst of 2010

To clarify--I did not wonder why some people did not like Inception. One of our callers mentioned that some of his friends hated the film, and I asked him why he thought this was the case.

Now, that said, I enjoyed Inception. I thought it was well-made and I appreciated its intricacies and the fact that it didn't necessarily expect its audience to understand every last little part of it. The film has a logic--albeit a humorless logic--that makes sense, and, I believe, adds up in the end.

Jerry, to call it 'mind-rape' is, in my mind, overblown. The character you're talking about, Ellen Page, is central to the story. She's in no way a victim--she's one of Leonardo DiCaprio's associates. In fact, the question of whether the entire thing is all in someone's mind is a looming possibility. But you wouldn't know this, because you left early. DiCaprio's character was forced into doing things he actually found repellent, but he had strong reasons for going along with the plan. Clearly, there are aspects to the story and this screenplay that pushed your buttons in a way that made you uncomfortable. But I posit that within the structure of the film, within the story and the world and the logic of the film, each character's actions and motivations were accounted for.

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Film Club of the Air: 'Exit Through The Gift Shop' 'Kick-Ass' 'Please Give'

Hey Shawnman--I think you'll find that Please Give is much better than Friends With Money--more in line with Nicole's other films. I feel like all of her pictures are about stages of life, and that one was about dealing with having some success in LA, something that's really tough to relate to if you don't live that life. This one was NY-centric, but it's much more universal.

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