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Comments made by anniej

State Forces San Diego Schools To Shift Money Around To Pay Bills

the fiscal crisis facing all school districts is well documented.

the issues sweetwater is plagued with goes far beyond borrowing -

- at a time when they cry poor they offer their superintendent a ridiculously rich contract
- at a time when they cry poor they set up an 'elementary' charter school which they are bankrolling
- at a time when they cry poor their superintendent debarks on a spending frenzy in the hiring of friends and calling them consultants
- at a time when they cry poor they decide to get into the business of college eventhough 99% of their middle and high schools are under program improvement
- their superintendent makes the unilateral decision to eliminate home school boundaries which resulted in an influx of students from the west side to the east side - those east side schools such as eastlake, now overcrowded
- two of their current, one of their past, and their old superintendent are facing trial for felony indictments
- now, a new county grand jury appears to be involved in a new investigation - how many new board members will be taken down, will the current super be caught in the web that is investigating alleged corruption

read enough - WELL WE HAVE HAD ENOUGH - and the above - that is only a sampling of what is wrong with sweetwater and their leadership, or should i say lack thereof.

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Homeowners Willing To Pay Higher Taxes Can Buy Nicer Schools

it appears that dr. brand has forgotten his explanation regarding the ipads that he gave at a board meeting. according to brand when presented with data that numbers did not add up regarding the amount of mello roos shoveled out for 7th graders in ipad areas his explanation was "well, since we have students transferring from mello roos to the west side schools those mello roos dollars transfer with them" (paraphrase). for those of you not aware of our demographics - i would be amazed if the numbers brand speaks of amounts to as many as 24. brand answers according to the audience.

brand also stated at the board meeting held at sweetwater high school earlier this year "since you stopped us from borrowing prop o funds we have been forced to borrow mello roos funds since the state money has not come in". funny, he seems to have forgotten that comment as well.

then of course we have the charter school controversy - brand fails to secure an education for 7th - 12th graders yet wants to start up a university using our tax dollars - this when 3 more schools have been added to the state program improvement list.

bottom line, brand is but one of our problems - the others:

arlie ricasa - indicted on felony charges

pearl quinones - also indicted on felony charges

john mccann - took thousands of dollars of campaign contributions from contractors and has FAILED to bring about change

jim cartmill - took the absolute most money from contractors, brought us 'the gandara' another indicted prospective felon, has done NOTHING to bring about change.

mccann, cartmill and ricasa just voted to give brand one of the richest contracts in the nation including paying for his medical, dental and vision benefits for 5 years AFTER HIS CONTRACT ENDS - at the end of this time frame brand will be eligible for social security.

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Bribery Charges Added In Sweetwater Corruption Case

if i were the board members involved in the indictments or a few of the others NOT indicted i would be a little worried. amigable, definitely a player in all of this, but we should not forget the recent guilty plea of Mr. Flores, now he is the person i would be worrying about. how many of you have gone to the san diego registrar of voters website and reviewed for yourselves the incredibly large amounts of monies that were donated into the current boards campaign funds? after doing so i would recommend that you then compare those donations to the votes that have been taken since the elections, listen to the board docs audio and hear for yourself which sole board member has spoken out and voted in favor of the students in the sweetwater district, which board member historically stands alone as ONLY NO VOTE. board member lopez

the RECALL movement of the south bay will hopefully bring an end to the pay to play culture IN OUR DISTRICT. what happens in the court room will be left up to the judge and jury.

there is talk about other districts participating in their own version of PAY TO PLAY, many are reaching out asking for help with their situations. it is time my fellow neighbors to take our districts back we must bring integrity back into all of our districts.

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Sweetwater In Hot Water

what is happening at sweetwater district is NOT new. it has been going on for years. all of the pay to play business really took off when 'the gandara' was brought here by cartmill and ricasa.

at this point it is clear that the taxpayers of the south bay need to step up and be heard. hopefully there will be a mass turn out at the next board meeting and those in attendance will let their opinions be heard.

why cartmills home was not searched is a topic of discussion of all, he is in it up to his throat - so thick he is choking on it.

mccann as well, it is highly recommended that all taxpayers in the south bay log into the san diego registrar of voters web site and review all of mccanns campaign donations as well as ricasa and cartmill. while other news organization have reported donations from contractors/vendors of over a hundred thousand since 1988 - in the last election alone it was close to that amount.

john mccann, where is the vega report. you have allegedly stated you will not release it without a subpoena, why is that? our tax dollars paid for it, is this the smoking gun that will halt any/all political office dreams you have - is that why YOU refuse to release it?

sweetwater 'pu' - just another ploy to attempt to more of our tax dollars into a district wallowing in fiscal IRRESPONSIBILITY.

we need 4 new board members and a new superintendent - a superintendent who will not align him/her self with money making schemes. schemes that state they are for the children, but in fact are not.

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College Applicants Face Tough Climate

dr. brand, superintendent of sweetwater union high school district, should be commended for his perseverance in pushing this agenda item thru the board. the previous superintendent continuously fought this move. dr. brand realizes what many in the south bay community have known for a long time - sweetwater kids are as capable as any other student to meet tougher standards that will benefit them in their life. 'the gandaras' attempt to dummy down our youth was perplexing to say the least.

now comes the tough job, saving the teachers jobs (those who will be implementing these tougher standards.)

the sweetwater district must stay focused on the task at hand, which is educating the youth of today who are in essence the leaders of tomorrow. eliminating teaching positions would have a debilitating effect on graduation numbers.

the current board, with the exception of ms. bertha lopez, have for too long been preoccupied with their future political endeavors vs. their responsibilities as board members. they should be judged based on their performance and their results - again i say, based on the results, which are well documented, all board members with the exception of ms. lopez need to vacate their positions asap.

new blood, blood full of moral values, integrity, responsibility, and insight is what is needed. board members who are their for the same reason lopez is there - the best interest of the students.

just my humble opinion.

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