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Comments made by anobody

The Bible And Homosexuality

The Bible is a subjective work and written by humans. Therefore it is nothing more than a storybook that is open to interpretation and nothing more. If you hear voices or see dead people you need to be medicated and placed under the care of a Psychiatrist. Normal healthy people do not have visions nor do they hear voices from beyond the grave.

Sure when there was a lack of organized government and the lands were filled with illiterate people the Bible could be used as a half-baked guidebook for life, law, and order.

The behavior that collective society has stereotyped as "gay or homosexual" (I hate labels BTW) is 100% natural as all other behaviors that humans express. Heck look at other species, so called "homosexual" behavior exists and is as normal and integral to survival as breathing air.

As far as I am concerned the issue here is with the interpretation of the Bible by the people who read it, therefore it is really an issue with the subjective thought process of the individual. Which boiled way down is nothing more than an opinion. An opinion AGAINST homosexual behavior in any form is antisocial because like it or not homosexuality is as normal as heterosexuality.

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Study Identifies Autism Clusters In California

I searched using Google Maps to see if some of the other cluster areas defined by the article could be subject to low flying aircraft (Jets mainly). It was a quick look and no formal examination of exact distances or wind direction or weather was considered here. Again NOT suggesting causation, just interesting to ponder the role jet fuel or Kerosene could play regarding Autism.

It would seem that logic would dictate that clusters would certainly be a common occurance around major airports and military air bases in general if there was a real link between jet fuel and Autism. My question here would be are there Autism clusters in other areas of the U.S. and if so where are they and what are they surrounded by. Too many questions and not enough answers....

So here are the results of my Google Maps search using the Autism cluster areas shaded in black identified in the document that accompanies the Autism cluster article:

San Francisco - San Francisco International, Oakland International Airport, Hayward Exec Airport and NAS Alameda all nearby

Redwood City - San Carlos Airport, San Francisco International, Oakland International Airport, Hayward Exec Airport and NAS Alameda all nearby

Sunnyvale - Near NAS Moffett Federal Airfield (literally at one end of the airfield), San Jose International, Airport of Santa Clara County

Santa Clara - adjacent to San Jose International, and near Airport of Santa Clara County and NAS Moffett Federal Airfield.

Thousand Oaks - Point Mugu NAS, Camarillo airport Van Nuys Airport, Santa Monica municipal airport, Burbank - Glendale - Pasedena Airport, Palmdale Usaf, Edwards AFB and LAX all nearby.

Beverly Hills - LAX, Edwards AFB, Burbank - Glendale - Pasedena Airport, Palmdale Usaf

Redondo Beach/ Torrence - LAX, Long Beach Harbor (no airport but TONS of diesel activity)

Cerritos/Norwalk - military and small civillian airports surround this area, LAX approach?

Modesto - located between Stockton and Modesto airports

Fresno - located between Fresno Chandler and Feresno Yosemite airports and near Lemoore NAS

Dana Point/ Mission Viejo - Military and civilian air ports surround this area

San Diego - Marine Corp Air Station Miramar nearby

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Study Identifies Autism Clusters In California

Thanks for adding the document depicting the other cluster areas...

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Study Identifies Autism Clusters In California

I would like to see a map of the other cluster areas as well. Are any of them near Karosene or burt fuel sources?

This cluster area sits directly in the flight corridor of Marine Corps Air Station Mirimar. Ironically the area depicted in the map is interestingly correlated with common off shore winds in that area where there would be the most exhaust discharge.

Often air craft take off and fly right over La Jolla to the ocean. How do I know this? I have worked in the vicintity of Green hospital for over ten years and watch the jets constantly fly over the area day after day after day. They fly pretty low too you MUST cover you ears when they go by (it is not voluntary your body MAKES you protect your ears).

Why is Del Mar not affected? They don't fly over Del Mar.

I am NOT suggesting causation merely and interesting correlation.

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