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Comments made by anonamousUPSguard

Security Breach: Are You Safe On SD Trains and Trolleys?

Ive been with UPS now for a while now and the lack of training and knowledge is not just the transit stations either. I personally came to this company because after the Army I just didn't have the skills required to hold another job and quickly found out that the genuine lack of training and lack of care from most of the UPS staff is absolutely appalling. I personally know of multiple occasions where either just general pay (including overtime pay) is messed up -**example**- the individuals have come forward with pay stubs, time sheets as well as site specific daily reports to prove they did in fact work the hours in question and was told "My records already show you were paid and because of that there's nothing I will do for you" and having this on going battle for upwards of 3-4 months and only being rectified after threats of contacting the Labor Board - or just a regular guard asking something as simple as **-example-** "what do i do if this door is left open" and hearing the reply from the Site Supervisors of "I don't know, just leave it open. Its not our job to make sure that those employees are adult enough to close a door and lock it behind them".

The plain fact of the matter is that one of the comments made in this article is the biggest problem of all - "a rapidly-expanding national security company called Universal Protection Service." UPS is far more concerned with expanding even more so then they already are and getting even more money and are failing on all fronts to take care of their own employees with the proper training and care that we need and deserve.

February 23, 2013 at 7:15 p.m. ( | suggest removal )