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Comments made by anotherformersupporter

How Will School District Cut $141 Million Deficit?

The answer can't always be "more money." For the last 24 years, I have voted "yes" on every school funding proposition and/or measure presented to me. In each case, I have been assured that voting yes will produce the good schools we all want. Yet, within a few years the district/state/city come back to me again with yet another tale of woe that will be completely resolved if only I give them more of my tax dollars. Sorry guys, I'm tapped out. Californians are among the most taxed and fee'd" citizens in the nation. We get an absolutely miserable return for those high taxes. I'll be voting no on Prop. J.

October 6, 2010 at 11:32 a.m. ( | suggest removal )

False Rape Accusation Furthers Institutionalized Racism

Wow... "Perfesser" Kaplan's angry, ignorant, duplicitous and, frankly, racist rant here is only slightly more offensive than old liberal warhorse Penner's refusal to challenge any of her dubious claims and omissions. In this case, both the perpetrator and the victim are Hispanic and her original story was probably far more influenced by that than it was any alleged "institutional racism." And, if there is any evidence whatsoever that authorities pursued the rapist (and that is what he is) with any more vigor than they would have with a white suspect, I'd love to see it. Neither Kaplan nor Penner presented anything other than groundless accusations to support these hateful claims. Kaplan also referenced past cases where minorities were falsely accused of crimes, but conveniently omitted one of the most infamous cases of true institutional racism: the Duke false rape accusation case where a black woman accused the predominately white Duke lacrosse team of a gang rape. No rape ever occurred, but that didn't stop the media and academia from demanding a modern day lynching of the players. I guess when a case doesn't support the angry Liberal narrative, it must be ignored. A real reporter would have raised both of these issues, but apparently real reporting is not Ms Penner's objective here.

And KPBS wonders why I am no longer a supporter...

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