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Comments made by anthonyd

Hope For Haiti Now: A Global Benefit For Earthquake Relief

The devastation going on in Haiti, the lost of lives ,searching for hope,is something we cant imagine.We are in the mist of what we called a depression,the lost of jobs,homes,cars and material items.You know what? The people of HAITI are in GODS hands,i really believe this is a test for us all the US and other COUNTRIES of WEALTH we seem to take so much for granted because we have everthing they wish for.GOD is putting us to a test,to see how much we care not how much we know about whats going on over there,if we can take time out to give our HEARTS and PRAYERS if you cant give MONEY we all shall OVERCOME and BE BLESS .GODS angels, the celebrities who devoted there time for this GOD BLESS YOU.UNITED WE STAND DIVIDED WE FALL we come together and help HAITI, GOD is going to bless us all.How many of you thought you would be doing as well as you are at this moment 9 months ago? You think it was luck,you woke up to another day of life to see your family.You think it was luck,you dont want it to run out,OKAY.This was laid on my heart to write to those who believe in faith and have caring heart,when GOD start send his blessings in the honor of HAITI, i dont want to be left behind.Rebuilding HAITI will be employment for some americans,the contributions we give GOD is going to give it all back to us and more.CAN WE all come together this one time,for this cause and the SAKE OF US ALL.This is only a TEST ! May GOD continue to keep his GRACE upon us ALL.

January 22, 2010 at 8:13 p.m. ( | suggest removal )