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Comments made by aponderer

Broadcasting Pioneer Gloria Penner Dies At 81

I enjoyed listening to her every friday on the round table..She was always so sharp and on top of things. What a great loss for those of us who admired her. My heartfelt condolences for her family and loved ones

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Rich And Poor San Diegans Take Stock Of The American Dream

Nobody here disagrees with your point of succeeding by "work,work,work[ing] at it", that no one owes you anything, and not wallowing in self pity. Nobody on this post ever said anything to the contrary. If YOU take a look at Oprah's life, she succeeded once she was with her father, who pushed her to succeed, and taught her discipline--i.e. avoiding bad choices, keeping her focus on education and succeeding. Some kids (and adults) don't have that support and desperately need it. You are quick to say that the poor (in general) feel "entitled" by engaging in destructive/unfavorable behavior, by stereotyping. Any of us who have succeeded can look back and point at one person who had a great influence in our lives; others don't have that and are misguided. I have known wealthy kids whose parents allowed them too many freedoms and were not involved in their lives other than financing their bad habits-- tattoos, piercings, and getting involved in behavior such as drug use that ensured a failed flunk a urine test if they were even considered for a job. It bothers me that you say that an "argument from the wealthy [is] that too many people have a sense of "entitlement." ' Entitlement is not something that only falls on the poor. And that still makes Mr. Schillman's argument that if you have a cell phone "you're not poor"-foolish.

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Rich And Poor San Diegans Take Stock Of The American Dream

Randolph. there is much to be said about the wealthy's non-essential spending, for example Doug Manchester, the owner of the Union-Tribune and North County times. He spent $200,000 on his 65th birthday party at his namesake Manchester Grand Hyatt in 2007, then jetted to Costa Rica for a lavish week-long cruise ($350,000) aboard a 165-foot yacht. His wife estimated their monthly utilities bill at their former home ($7,000) is more than most San Diegans' monthly home payments. We also have another RSF resident, Gwendolyn Sontheim Meyer worth billions, and even Mr. Schillman will never spend all of his money in his lifetime. So the wealthy you say claim that too many people "have a sense of entitlement" should put their money where their mouth is. For one, many of these "poor" do not live in a wealthy area, and that directly correlates with the quality of education. Second, they are not likely to be elbowing or living among the influential (contacts are an important part of succeeding, as unfortunate as it sounds) .Why don't the wealthy do something to educate the less fortunate? Fund more academic programs and more after school activities to keep kids out of trouble? Bill and Melinda Gates, Oprah, Warren Buffet, Mayor Michael Bloomberg, and others have actively been involved in helping the less fortunate--they don't bellyache about the ones who feel "entitled"--THEY ACT..Ironically the ones who have this "sense of entitlement" are more often the wealthy than not.

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Rich And Poor San Diegans Take Stock Of The American Dream

I was just thinking that perhaps Niger, Africa wouldn't fairly relate to Mr. Schillman's comment; so I will give examples of U.S. cities that have cell phones that can't be considered as "middle class". In comparison to the rest of the country, they fall under "poor/low income neighborhoods": Detroit, Michigan; Allen, South Dakota; Cuevitas, texas; Jackson, Mississippi to name only a few..Mr. Schillman should go spend the night in one of these cities, or even speak to the parents at the Second Street Learning Center in Reading Pennsylvania (NPR covered that story on July 10, 2012) and look the people staying there in the eye and tell them that "they are not poor because they have a cell phone".

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Rich And Poor San Diegans Take Stock Of The American Dream

I felt compelled to say something when I heard Mr. Schillman. I completely agree that he earned what he has and worked for what he has achievedt. I do feel that he is out of touch; there is definitely a separation of classes going on in the US. Living in a community like Rancho Santa Fe (and North County Coastal in general) does not expose its residents to a true feel of what's going on in middle and low income communities, nor in the world. I find this to be true after moving to Encinitas from South County. Most North County residents I have encountered rarely leave California, much less the the country, and I know SEVERAL that have not even ventured out of San Diego COUNTY. For Mr. Schillman to say "How can you be poor, Tom… how can you say somebody is poor if they have a cell phone?” reflects a person that is completely out of touch with reality, comfortably living under his rock in a plush mansion with everything he ever wanted, and completely oblivious to the world. He needs to pay a visit to remote towns in Niger where they have cell phones, and repeat that foolishly oblivious and myopic comment. That certainly proves that even a wealthy, educated man can be ignorant.

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