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Comments made by apostle

How Will Proposed Budget Cuts Impact The UC System?

I was listening the the broadcast this morning, and believe that the KPBS folks were not asking the right questions.

UC and especially UCSD must be viewed as a major research university in an international setting. UCSD is a subsidiary of a multinational corporation - the UC system. (Please refer to UCSD's standing as a recipient of federally sponsored research dollars, and how their standing has changed.)

The budget cuts that UC had endured over the last two years have jeopardized the ability of UC and UCSD to compete with other research universities in the US and internationally; most notably those universities and research institutions in China. Yes, UC will increasingly compete with Chinese research entities for the production of scientific knowledge and the construction of cognitive infrastructure. However, UC, especially UCSD, is the best equipped to respond to such competition because of their expertise in the impact of Pacific Rim politics and economy.

Thus, the KBPS folks should be asking what competitive federal research grant opportunities UC and UCSD have lost due to the impact of the reduction in state support - or lack of foresight to realize the competitive landscape has changed. Then, the KBPS folks should ask what is the relationship between students, their educational experience, and the ability of UCSD to maintain their competitive standing as a major research university.

The KBPS folks should also be asking a more basic set of questions that are a reflection of the larger national economy - will the UC response to the budget cuts mean lay offs for UC staff? Has it happened already? How has the reduction in services at UC impacted student life and the research mission of the university? Have senior faculty left UCSD for other universities due to the changing fortunes at UC? If so, how has this impacted students, both undergrad and graduate students?

Disclaimer - I graduated from UCSD in 2005 and can recognize that the budget cuts mean a less capable university with a diminished student experience.

February 1, 2011 at 10:25 p.m. ( | suggest removal )