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Comments made by appledude

Will San Diego Help Stop Global Warming?

The people have spoken again and again - including me! Quit trying to get me out of my car! We have done so much over the years for "the environment" - I chose a 6 cylinder Mustang instead of an 8 when I bought my 99 - the engines are so much cleaner than that of the 66 Chrysler I remember - which already had some pollution control devices on it - though not much. I give people rides frequently home from work, look at rolling resistance when buying tires, drive slowly on the freeway when practical (no one else around) -
I also question the "savings" on the mass transit bottomless financial pit - how many people are riding, and what is the cost of operation? The cost of fare keeps going up and up - yet when I have tried riding "mass transit" it simply sucks! It takes forever to get anywhere you need to go - is not comfortable with all of the starting and stopping - and I don't feel safe.
One of the the greatest things about America is supposed to be freedom - when I read old AAA mags about what travel used to be like in the early 1900's, I value greatly the freedom of the open road, and being able to get from one end of San Diego county to another fairly quickly.
When I purchase a car again, gas mileage will definitely be a factor - if I stay in California, my next car may well be a hybrid. I would love to see bike lanes in the towns and cities which are totally separate from car traffic - when I have time I don't mind walking in town to places. But we the American people have spoken, we love our cars, they are much more efficient than the used to be, so much less pollution than they used to emit - and we are going to be forced into mass-hell - I mean, mass-transit!

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Helix Project Would Increase San Diego Water Supply

What is the water district doing to drastically reduce huge bonuses, as well as large administrative fee's? Lets see the water districts work very hard at managing OUR money very effectively and wisely, and NOT just raise our rates constantly!

March 7, 2011 at 5:29 p.m. ( | suggest removal )