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Comments made by armtx

TV: HBO's 'Treme' Continues to Disappoint

I am a transplant to NOLA, getting here in Sept. 2005. Treme is a wondefully shot show that gives people a cross section of what NOLA is like...Seedy, charming, social...etc.
The main issue that I have withthe show is that unles you have spent the time to understand what NOLA is about, Treme is way out in right feild for 98% of the population of this country.
The people who live in Chicago have no idea what a second line is all about. They dont understand the music scene or the food.
What happend after Katrina was a slow, very slow porcess that is still happening today and the show, although a bit scattered in the direction it is going, does give you a feel of what has made this city what it is and that is the social neighborhoods like Treme and the Marginany Triangle on the east end of the Qtr.
Let not forgt that the executive producer/write of the show passes away during filming and there has to be some effect to the story line with his passing.

July 16, 2010 at 7:23 a.m. ( | suggest removal )