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Comments made by artmom

Local Charter School Conquering Algebra

My son's school, Leonardo da Vinci Health Sciences Charter School has also introduced a new math program, Everyday Mathematics (EM). We encounter a similar problem: not knowing how to help our kids solve problems (because we do it the "old fashioned" way). API scores are low. Parents are pulling out their kids because "they are doing what is best for ______."

Even though not all parents will agree, the school is doing a very good thing for the students. EM helps kids make sense out of what they are doing, it introduces concepts in a cyclical manner, rather than one at a time, and the school encourages the students to think more holistically about what they are learning through project-based learning and a school-wide focus on Habits of Mind.

The long-term benefits EM, Habits of Mind and project-based learning will support the kids throughout their upper-grade and college education, helping them understand everything has a purpose (not just "because I said so"), a place and a relationship to everything else.

I hope parents will see beyond API scores and understand that "teaching to the test" has its limits. No program is perfect, but maybe leaders from schools that have alternative math programs, such as Albert Einstein Academy and Leonardo da Vinci Charter School, can band together and help families understand why these solutions are powerful, meaningful, and making a difference in children's education.

November 16, 2010 at 10:16 a.m. ( | suggest removal )