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Comments made by aztec69

San Diego Opera Association Votes Not To Sell Company's Assets

This is a time and chance for the SD Opera family (the real people, not the administrative staff up in that 400K office and board to get out and repair and establish links with the community. The Chorus idea is good. Expand on it. Break down the chorus into a dozen or two quartets and get them out doing simple programs for "ordinary" folks who maybe have never seen an opera but who might recognize a tune by Mozart, Puccini or Verdi. Put them on the Trolley and send them out to the stations for inpromptu concerts. Get the props people and costumes and wigs out of the warehouse and out where people can see them up close. Open up that work shop on Commercial they keep talking about as somekind of "Star Wars Design Center" and let people in to see how the magic is created. Its time for the people and community to experience the totality of what putting on an opera is about, not just some fat tenor hitting the high Cs.

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New Report Finds SPAWAR Plays Important Role In San Diego's Economy

Would have been a much more interesting story if the writer had paid some attention to the on-going story of crime and corruption at SPAWAR recently involving military personnel and civilians. If they're cutting their budget 2.5% next year I wonder what the percentage of graft and fraud was this year?

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What Do You Think About San Diego's Future?

Myfamily came to San Diego when the railroad came in from AZ back in the 1880s. Since then and three generations later we've seen it all, good and bad. The city today is not the the one I remember my grand parents or parents talking about when I was a kid, and it certainly not the one I remember growing up in.
Physically it's changed a lot, like most cities. Demographically it's changed from a city of 330,000, mostly whites and blacks when I was born, to a city of 1.6 million from all over the world. It used to have many small jewels that made it a special place to live. Today it has three; La Jolla, Balboa Park, and the "new" downtown; all of which serve very different constituencies and all of which are carefully natured by various self-interest groups. Still, the city has the sun, the ocean and the beaches (for those who can afford or find a parking space) and they make it special. Recently the city has focused on economic issues and potholes, and that seems a good summary of the development of the city. If you look at the origins of Old Town, what it became, and how it has been reborn, you can see that San Diego has never really known what it was or where it was going. That's still true. I've had a great two-thirds of a century watching San Diego grow and prosper. Although I've been all over the world in the past fifty years I can still say, loudly and clearly, that there is no place like home; and San Diego was and always will be home for those lucky enough to have lived here.

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Roundtable: Fewer Fire Engines; More Opera Intrigue; Scarce Ensenada Water

I'm glad to see somebody read my comment on VOSD :-)

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San Diego Opera Board Off To Slow Start

Has it occurred to anyone else or just me that the on-going "soap opera" story of the San Diego Opera's Decline, Fall, and Resurrection would, itself, make a great grand opera? Perhaps Mr. Prebys would be willing to donate a few hundred thousands to commission a composer like John Corgialone or John Cage to compose such a work for a re-born San Diego Not So Grand Opera company?. I'm thinking of something along the line of Strauss's Fledermaus. Just think of all the opportunities for walk on bit parts for local opera donors and politicians? Or if a comedy isn't appropriate how about a tragedy where in the last act Karen Cohn dies of a broken heart in the arms of Ian Campbell as the movers carry the last sets out of the San Diego Opera property warehouse on Commercial?

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McDonald's President Was Caught Off Guard By Low-Wage, Single Mom

Minimum wages for a minimal product. Sounds reasonable to me. Still, it's better than Wendy's, but not by much. BK wins my vote for quality. I wonder what they pay?

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Mayor Faulconer Rescinds San Diego Email Deletion Policy

Did anybody ever report exactly how much the City is spending to store all that verbage?

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San Diego Named Top City For Small Business By Forbes Magazine

Flawed research for starters but my point is "So what?" As soon as a local start up gets going it does an IPO and outsiders take control or its bought up by outside corporations who want its ideas or, more probably, want to eliminate a potential competitor. A handful of people might make a killing in the deal but the average employee is back where he started. Look at the bio-med start ups that have disapeared from the scene, along with some high-priced real estate in La Jolla. SAIC is another classic example of a local biggie that left town because the new boss didn't want to bother moving to San Diego.

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USS Coronado Set To Arrive At Its New Home Port Monday Morning

Fourth of the Boondoggle Class, right?

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Balboa Park Centennial Planning Group Disbands

I hate to say I told you so, but I did.

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