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Comments made by babybird722

San Diegans Urged To 'Make Change Count' For Homeless Donations

This idea is as brilliant as the $78 million dollar, 250 unit low income bldg on 9th and Broadway. In two years, at a cost of $312,000 per unit for studio and one bedroom apartments, 25 of of the 5000 un-sheltered homeless sleeping on concrete will be afforded with the opportunity to utilize section 8 vouchers for the next 40 years.

These same people complain about food stamps and the growing deficit. We can flat out build every one of the homeless a two bedroom house for less than this "low income" development is projected to cost... that is, if it does not go over budget and of course it will.

Until we stop this city from spending money recklessly, until we demand transparency and insist that they provide us with a return on these absurd schemes, they will continue to grow rich and we are growing poorer and poorer until soon we will join the homeless on the street.

December 27, 2013 at 1:14 a.m. ( | suggest removal )