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Comments made by bajapedro

Mexican Officials Working To Lure U.S. Tourists To Baja

Oh please, I'm a Gringo living in Tijuana for the past seven years and I can honestly say hardly any of my friends; no, actually none of my friends; have been beheaded or otherwise harmed in any way. I'm so tired of this anti Mexican paranoia coming from uniformed idiots stateside who are confusing the facts.
Mexico has a huge problem with drug cartels who, in a war to gain control of the drug trade, are killing each other off. Some of you may have heard of a time in the U.S. known as the Roaring Twenties. In an effort to gain control of the illegal alcohol trade and to a lesser extent drugs and prostitution, criminal gangs were killing each other off constantly. Was the average citizen living in fear of their life? Not from what I've read. The odds of an innocent bystander being harmed were extremely low.
Bottom line.... If you're afraid to come south of the border, that's fine but please don't perpetuate the same old myths and stereotypes that have been going around forever.
Finally, in regards to "corrupt" policemen intimidating foreigners in to handing over huge bribes, you have the right to demand a written ticket which can be paid by mail from San Diego or to go before a judge in Mexico. If it's a phony charge, call the cop's bluff and nine times out of ten he'l tell you to be on your way.. If it's legitimate, you've broken the law so be prepared to pay a fine.
My only experience with a Tijuana cop was one time when a Mexican local tried to pass me while I was stopped. My side view mirror apparently scraped the whole side of this guy's car. He started yelling at me that I had damaged his car and the Tijuana cop after talking to him and assessing what had happened came over to me and said "I'm sorry but I must apologize for that guy, he's an a--hole" and told me to have a nice day.

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