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Comments made by bajaya

Political Analysis: The Legacy Of Toilet To Tap

We already have "toilet to tap" -- Las Vegas toilets to SD taps. Colorado river water is a mix of the effluent from every community near, or on, the waterway. So what is so offensive about SD toilets vs. those of Las Vegas?

In passing: the pristine water of mountain springs is just the filtering action of natural sands on rotting wood, deer poop and other yech on the forest floor. Just the same filtering being proposed for SD recycled water.

August 4, 2010 at 11:39 a.m. ( | suggest removal )

How To Get The Most Out Of Your Summer Garden

Hi Maureen,

I called in to mention the 8-tube adapter that converts a regular sprinkler head to an 8-line drip (unscrew the sprinkler, screw on the adapter). Nan said that the solution was limited to 8 plants. Not true.
Fist, I have placed numerous "T" junctions in my lines -- a no-brainer, cut the line and insert a tiny 1/4" T (available in packets for pennies). Voile, another plant is dripped, and very happy.
Second, I bought special 1/4" drip "soaker" line with little holes every few inches. This easily takes care of dozens of small shrubs.
Third. I bought several 1/4" mini sprinklers that cover just a couple of feet and spray a light mist over grasses, etc. without wasting water.
In passing -- most hydras have their own integral "regulators" that reduce the water pressure to a manageable 25 psi in the drip lines, so there is no need for the typical drip system regulator, and little risk of blowing apart the web of small 1/4" hoses.
Bottom liine -- 8-line hydras are limited only by your imagination. And not by your wallet, or plumbing skills.

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