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Comments made by baltimorecrunch

Is Whooping Cough Vaccine Working?

The real question is, why now, with a much closer to perfect immunization, are there 25,000 cases of pertussis a year. When the cases in the 80's when children either weren't immunized, or didn't get nearly as many boosters, were there only 1,200 cases?

Mooi is right. Something is wrong. The higher the coverage rates, the higher the case rates. Just look at WHO VPD 2009. The CDC submits their data to the WHO.

My belief is that altering the immune system constantly with vaccines and anti-biotic overuse is exactly whats causing disease in our children. America has some of the most unhealthy children on the planet that have access and money to eat healthy food. But instead of buying organic food, parents are buying a PS3. We have totally lost ourselves and what health really is.

Survival of the fittest is really survival of the most adaptable. And virus and bacteria are very adaptable. Clearly more so than humans.

November 3, 2010 at 2:09 p.m. ( | suggest removal )