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Comments made by barbgregg56

Pension Costs Decreasing For Some Cities In San Diego County

I wish, plead, beg, for someone reporting on this subject to discuss the fact that city workers don't pay into Social Security so for the new hires to just have 401k puts them behind the private sector not equal to it.

Also, please remind the listeners that public employees pay taxes just like everyone else. So there is an interest for everyone to keep the costs down while still providing decent employment.

It would be nice to include public employees in these debates so it can be shared just how much it taken out of each paycheck for pension payments, 401k contributions ( there already is a 401k plan for the city workers if anyone looked into it properly) and salary reductions.

Lastly, everyone talks of wanting services instead of pensions. Who provides the services? People do. People who just want to keep their families fed and housed and not have to live under the OB pier when they get old.

Thank you Alison for at least trying to state, what seems obvious to me, that it isn't the best idea to put everyone at risk betting on the bumpkins on Wall Street.

February 28, 2012 at 2:28 p.m. ( | suggest removal )