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Comments made by bbarron2

Atheists, Marines Debate Camp Pendleton Crosses

Actually there is an easy way around this. Another way is to put about 500 armed marines at the top and dare anyone to take it down.
This is a symbol of Christianity and in no way promotes it nor can the atheists prove that anyone they know has become a Christian by the mere appearance of the Cross
Take the crosses down and leave an atheist in its place because it is a religion of nihilism and if not that then the worship of man.Leave an atheist hanging there.Everyone knows this.
Put a sign up there that says this empty space represents the religion of atheism.
Furthermore it is almost impossible to be an atheist.Even they admit they must annihilate what they do actually believe in because they cannot accept the commands of being a Christian and are looking for a means to excuse their actions.There is something they must believe in or exists in order to disprove or destroy it.
"This can be fixed today unless the Marine Corps is going to insist on having government promotion of Christianity," said Torpy, a 10-year veteran of the Army and a graduate of the U.S. Military Academy at West Point. IS THIS NOT ABSURD?
See Summa Theologica of St. Thomas Aquinas V 3 Supplement QQ 1-99
Go to appendix and the article on "Fortitude" by Rev. J. J. McDonald.
How do Crosses promote Christianity any more than a mosque promotes islam.
How does a Buddist Temple promote Buddism.The whole argument is absurd so they have to go to the separation of state and church which is not completely possible and no one can prove that it is possible as far as Christianity goes.We are not a theocracy.It is no longer workable.It was and did work at one time and only one.
God is first and above country and even family.Men serve because of their faith and the the non representation of this is reprehensible.
In both world wars 40% of the men serving were Catholic when they represented less than 1/3 or closer to 1/4 of the population.Hardly a non Catholic or Catholic or Jew didn't believe in God. Because the country has the Judeo-Christian ethic does not mean the star of David belongs there or some mosque.
What Christianity has done for the world,the world should be constantly reminded of.And that's all there is.

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