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Comments made by bcspiders

Edison Wants San Onofre Documents From State Investigation Kept Secret

Public utility, danger to the public, seems like public hearing testimony should be available to the public. Too bad, so sad for Mitsubishi if they make faulty equipment the failure of which threatens the safety of the public. They should be brought to task as well. If the people are to make informed decisions about this stuff the people need to be, uh, informed. Enough of this nonsense.

January 16, 2013 at 10:58 a.m. ( | suggest removal )

Do You Want a Parade to Celebrate the End of War in Iraq?

Maybe he could spend time influencing his GOP do-nothing buddies in Congress to do something to help get veterans back to work. That would be more useful than a parade that everyone will forget about shortly after.

I wasn't given a parade but I was able to get and education and work. But, then, those who sent me off didn't destroy the economy which allowed me to succeed.

benz72 is spot as well. Get these folks home to get them on to whatever will be next for them in their lives.

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Brown Vows to Fight "Cult-like" Climate Change Deniers

"For one, ask yourself why it is that the leading lights of "climate science" have as POLICY the refusal to follow the Scientific Method? No one who refuses to allow independent verification of their work can in any sense of the word be considered a scientist. But the "scientists" behind CAGW all keep their data and methods secret."

Not so and a rediculous assertion. Data and results are openly displayed in the now thousands of published papers in refereed scientific journals. If you bother to read the IPCC report those papers are referred to in literature citations in the various sections. See the following page titled "Publications and Data".

This issue is complex and the report and supporting literature is voluminus so it takes some time and digging to get through it. There is an Executive Summary but it is just that-a summary. You will need to read the special report sections that go into much more detail.

The results are where the data takes us. Sometimes we don't wish to hear the reality but that doesn't change the reality. If denying that climate is changing, whatever the cause, becomes policy we will be caught flat-footed again and people will suffer as will the country. (4 years before Katrina happened the results were predicted but ignored. We know the results)

Most of the denial "research" comes from those supported (you can trace the funding) by grants from those heavily invested in the status quo such as Chevron, BP, and Exxon-Mobile, to name a few. This is exactly the repeat of the tobacco industry's model that worked well for them -- for a time. Do you really believe that they are unbiased and are we really supposed to trust to trust them?

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Osama Bin Laden Killed In US Firefight

It's nice that we finally got the guy. But I wonder, after spending an estimated trillion dollars, breaking our economy, several thousand brave men and women killed and maimed, the fear and paranoia that is still rampant as exemplified at our airports, countless lives changed forever, all caused by this guy and his comrads, who has won? Was there a better way to do it sooner w/o invasion?

Thanks to our Spec Ops people whose professionalism and courage is unmatched and thanks for keeping us safe. Proud of you all.

--Signed: An Old Veteran

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Does It Pay To Believe?

The concept of god/gods is outside the purview of scientific testing. Were the gods testable there would be no need for faith. If this concept is not testable then it seems pointless to argue about it. As an agnostic I am a funtioning athiest until your god/gods show up. To date in my mind and experience that hasn't happened. It always amuses me when I am accused of lacking hope, love, or despairing because I don't believe in the invisible. That has always been the snake oil argument for me. Actually, what you need to be is a human being. If you look at the various religious beliefs out there most seem to function in codifying natural human feelings and behaviors that were there before any established religion. We are naturally able to not only to have empathy, and therefore caring, for people but also for life other than our species. That has been the secret of our succes as a species. You don't need religion for that except perhaps to remind the less thoughtful that it exists. I have hope for the future, love for my family and others, and having hope I don't despair. That is human and I don't need verses written during more barbaric and superstitious times to help realize that or keep me superstitious and barbaric.

If there is a miracle in creation it might be that we are able to explain the universe without invoking the miraculous. Miracles are ephemeral things. What is a "miracle today" will be explained tomorrow and history is filled with that especially since the Enlightenment when folks began to develop means (scientific method) to explain the universe. Birth, for example, while a wonder, is not miraculous but biological and happens every moment every day from fungi to mammals. What happened prior to time zero when our universe began is not a scientific question but that does not necessitate a diety. I do believe that it is extreme ego and hubris to think that this universe was created for you. For me the universe simply is. Science give us the ability to understand it's workings which can make the universe useful to us. If ancient religous texts contained something really useful, say the structure of genetic codes, they might be important. Telling me to stone someone to death for some relatively minor infraction in planting my garden is not useful.

Finally, I must have hope and lack despair since I am writing this in the hope that it might make sense to someone.


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Tourism At Baja Beaches Hurting Despite Being Safe

I have traveled the length of the Baja peninsula for about 30 years now. I've gone in groups as well as solo. I drive to get there. I have camped all over and horsepacked in to the northern mountains. Never had a problem. Of course one could instead go to visit Arizona malls.

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