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Comments made by beachgoer

Groups Demand Cleanup Of San Diego Bay

i read this and felt the need to leave a comment. first let me say that i have lived here my whole life and i'm 50 years old. i have seen a lot of changes to our waterfront areas. i was also at the hearing on 11-9-11. i was there in support of the shipyards since i have worked in the yards all my life, i just wanted your readers to know that the shipyard workers do agree with finally getting to some agreement to get this issue resolved. but please to, sit back and blame the shipyards for all the problems in the bay is completely wrong. there has been run offs and sewage being dumped into our bay for over 100 years, i wish you could actually take a look at how much our work force is in to keeping our bay clean we have over 1300 employees at the yard i work at and we have meetings with all of them 2 times a week just to make sure we continue to keep our best management practices (BMP) at the fore front. we have storm or rain water collection systems that will not allow any water in to san diego bay. we have containments to prevent any oils or debris into the bay.if you were to drive past and look at a ship that is being repaired you would see a plastic enclosure (containment) that starts at the base of the ship to the top of the mast. this to stop any air born debris from entering the bay.also i would like to add about fishing on the piers, as you stated people of color are fishing and feeding there families.PLEASE TAKE A LOOK AT WHAT THERE DOING TO THE FISHING THEY DO NOT BELIEVE IN SIZE REQUIREMENTS AND ARE TAKING WAY UNDER SIZED FISH. THEY WILL KEEP A FISH THAT IS NO LONGER THEN 3 INCHES. THIS IS RUINING THE THE FISH POPULATIONS. I SEE THEM THROWING NETS AND CATCHING THE BAIT FISH BY THE BUCKET FULLS. THIS NEEDS TO STOP. thank you

November 10, 2011 at 8:16 p.m. ( | suggest removal )