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Comments made by beepriest

A Quaker Chaplain's Personal Account Of The War Zone

@randolphlinsky - an understandable perspective, and one I shared for a time. However, I think that many who find themselves called to pastoral care duties (particularly a Quaker, which is one of the traditional Peace Churches and has a strong compulsion to eschew "outward forms of violence") must also ask themselves the question "which of my fellow humans has the greatest need for spiritual healing?" Having spent much of my own adult life working in conflict zones (never carrying a weapon) I can attest that those who have chosen, been forced, or otherwise find themselves in the midst of violent conflict are some of the most desperately in need of spiritual reflection and healing. A pastor must find within themselves the means to balance their conviction that a world without violence is the spiritual ideal with the realization that a world with violence (and those involved in it) must find healing in order to even hope to aspire to the former. There are very few true spiritual tasks which come easily and without inherent contradictions. Grappling with those, and doing your best to serve in the midst of them, is the actual work of spiritual discernment and development, I believe.

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