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San Diego Tea Party Activitists Set To Rally On Tax Day

PDSD "THAT should tell you enough about these types."

I'd ask you to reconsider that statement. As an example if I were to state in reference to a contemporary news story that ‘obviously LGBT liberals are treasonous anarchists because they appointed a traitor convicted of espionage as their parade marshal’ you would be right to accuse me of overgeneralizing.

To clarify, I am not making that statement, only using it as an example of the error involved in confusing the odd actions of some members of a group with the group in general.

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San Diego Tea Party Activitists Set To Rally On Tax Day

MA, I don't know what a teebircher is but the people I know who advocate for smaller government, some of whom affiliate with the Tea Party, do not support subsidies in most cases. If people want to drink beer then they can pay for beer. It is not the government's job to provide for individuals.

JM I don't think there should be an 'other way around' either. Set the rules so they are equal for everyone. It is no more the government's job to motivate an individual than it is to feed him or make sure he has beer.

Work smart and pay your own way. Leave those who decline to do so to lie in the bed they make.

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Closing San Diego Unified's Student-Teacher Diversity Gap

The comparison of student ethnicity to teacher ethnicity is odd; I'd be interested in seeing the statistics from the other direction. What percentage of CA teachers, by subject, belong to different ethnic groups? Are there a significant portion of minority science teachers who cannot find a teaching position? How does the compare to the statistic for white science teachers?

Complaining that half the patients in the hospital are male but 75% of the nurses are women (or whatever the number is) probably does not point to discriminatory hiring practices against male nurses but rather a (relative) lack of interest in nursing careers among males.

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San Diego Tea Party Activitists Set To Rally On Tax Day

They want to keep what they earn, not give money to the rich. Our money does not belong to the government but rather to ourselves.

Why is it that if gay persons or persons of any particular skin hue want the government to treat them the same as everybody else we all (rightly) rally to their defense but if the most successful segment of our society does that we get people complaining about how greedy they are asking for equal treatment?

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No Plans To Charge San Diego Family For Sea Rescue Of Baby

SDR "There isn't really a price you can put on someones life."

I don't think that's entirely true. One can place a value on one’s own life in the form of insurance. One may value one's own life cheaply and behave recklessly. We can even place an upper bound on the value of an individual life by summing net assets and maximum future earnings.
There may be no emotional measurement, but that does not imply that a monetary value cannot be established.

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No Plans To Charge San Diego Family For Sea Rescue Of Baby

MA, I can (and do) speak for myself. Kindly refrain for misrepresenting my statements.

You can also stop trolling with the extra z's any time you want to engage in a mature discussion.

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No Plans To Charge San Diego Family For Sea Rescue Of Baby

SDR21 "Are we as a nation going to stop helping those truly in need."

At some point I think we have to. |Need| >> |Resources| In fact, there are doubtlessly people in the world truly in need right now to whom we are providing no help. You point out above some of those conditions.
This incident may not fall over the line but, as attested to by the public backlash; we are becoming less tolerant of self-inflicted problems draining the group's resources.

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Ex-Mayor Filner Completes 90 Days Of House Arrest

PDSD "We have the new mayor engaged in back-room deals with the Chargers"
This is bad, I agree

"the city tried to pull a fast one by proposing deleting all city emails within 1 year"
Did this come from the mayor’s office? I'm not sure but I think we already agreed on a reasonable policy in another thread.

"the balboa park centennial is now basically a cake, balloon, and bo-bo the clown affair with millions of tax payer money squandered'
I find it tough to pin this on the new mayors. Wasn't most of the squandering done before he got there? What am I missing?

"the city council put forth ridiculous medical marijuana regulations that disenfranchise patients in the entire urban core of the city."
Sure but isn't the city council separate from the mayor? Who exactly do you see as being to blame here?

I’m not rooting for or against this guy (though I was rooting against Alvarez), but it seems like you are trying to lay things on his doorstep that don’t really belong there.

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Should E-Cigarettes Be Treated Like Cigarettes?

As someone on the other side, it is not that you are trying to quit but rather that you are continuing to emit addictive chemicals while doing so. I will grant that this is preferable to carcinogens, but I still don't want to be breathing this either.

I applaud your desire to quit. Perhaps you could do so without exposing the rest of us though.

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California Immigration Holds Drop Under New Law; San Diego County's Decline 58%

Well I suppose we need to expand ICE to have personnel on hand to transport those released under the new law to the border. If the state fails to do it and prohibits the county and city from doing it then the federal government must do it. Abdicating responsibility is a poor way to enhance state's rights.

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