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Comments made by benz72

Protesters In Murrieta Turn Back Buses With Migrant Families

PDSD "It was GW Bush who signed a law into effect that treats Central American refugees different than people crossing the border from Mexico or Canada."

We have already established that Bush can sign bad law. Let's look into repealing it.

July 8, 2014 at 8:35 a.m. ( | suggest removal )

Protesters In Murrieta Turn Back Buses With Migrant Families

Robocomp, there is no call for that kind of language. I am suggesting your comment be removed. Your inability to present an argument without resorting to that sort of disgusting name calling is disappointing.

July 4, 2014 at 5:57 p.m. ( | suggest removal )

Contraception Coverage Still Required In California Despite SCOTUS Ruling

PDSD, I rhink this whole issue could be avoided if we allowed employees to fund their private health care purchases with their own money. Once the paycheck transfers from the employer to the employee there is no moral or regulatory problem. That way everybody (who is smart enough to buy insurance or save for their upcomming expenses) wins.

July 3, 2014 at 7:06 a.m. ( | suggest removal )

Protesters In Murrieta Turn Back Buses With Migrant Families

PDSD, I agree that we should probably look at the numbers. Perhaps when we have a clear demand signal we can more appropriately target our quotas. Similarly I agree that racism has no place in immigration policy. National Loyalty, Skill, Determination, Language ability, Financial support/ self- sufficiency, yes. Skin tone, no.
I am unconvinced we are short of blue collar workers in aggregate, though there may be specific trades in need of an influx. For other professions the picture is a little murkier to me but I find it difficult to believe that the demand is anything close to what we are bringing in. (MAY2014 CA unemployment was 7.6%)

As to the legal process… it is certainly no joke. My wife went through it. We waited our turn, played by the rules and paid our processing fees. I am very much against people who cut the line or ignore the process because they think they don’t need to enter legally. Allowing it sends precisely the wrong message.

Looping back to the original confusion on numbers, why don’t we agree what we need before we either loosen or tighten the current law?

July 2, 2014 at 12:15 p.m. ( | suggest removal )

Contraception Coverage Still Required In California Despite SCOTUS Ruling

PDSD, it is up to the individual. Any FDA approved medication is available to any person with a prescription who wants to pay for it. At least I think it is. Are you seeing a situation where this is not the case?

The distinction is that if an employer is paying the bill the employer needs to have a say in the contents of the shopping basket. Similarly, if we degenerate to the point where the government is paying the bill, I expect the government would have a say in what is included in the billed service.

If you take your kids out to eat and they ask for lobster, champagne and caviar I believe you are entitled to decline to purchase those items for them. As soon as they are paying the bill the dynamic changes.

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Contraception Coverage Still Required In California Despite SCOTUS Ruling

PDSD, I agree the government is not forcing contraception on anyone. I further agree with you when you say "The Government's responsibility as far as medications, medical devices, and biologics is to make sure they are SAFE and EFFICACIOUS and then to grant approval for them." Specifically it is not the government's duty to supply them or force others to supply them.

When you say "The Employer's responsibility is to provide health insurance of which the employee, based on their doctor's orders and their own personal beliefs, can then take any drug deemed needed as long as it's FDA approved." I have a few issues. First I don't agree with the overall claim on the moral level unless it is part of the terms of employment (absent government mandate). On the legal level it is mostly true but the same court that made the (IMO) error of allowing it to stand also specifically weakened it with this exception to which you object. I think we both agree on what is but differ on what 'ought to be'.

PDSD "Why does there need to be this middle layer of the Employer injecting their person views into this?" At least in this case, because the other option was to dismiss the employees, which seems to serve no one's interest.

Why do you feel it is acceptable for the government to require it as part of employment?

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Protesters In Murrieta Turn Back Buses With Migrant Families

mp "benz72...answer my questoins" You seem to be trying to answer your own questions. Is there a specific query you would like to re-ask?

PDSD, How many immigrants and with what skills do you believe we need? What would you have us do with those who don't make the cut? I agree that we need some immigration to fill gaps unable to be automated but I believe we are getting a flood instead of the trickle we require.

mp ".I don't see what is wrong with treating people nicely...can someone point out why you would not treat them nicely?"
In general I agree. The world is a much better place when people are nice to each other and follow the rules. That being said, if you are breaking the rules please expect to have some 'not-nice' served up with a side order of 'do not do that again'.

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San Diego Winter Homeless Shelters Close After Record 19-Month Run

PDSD "We don't want the immigrants in our city.

We don't want the gays in our city.

We don't want the poor in our city.

We don't want the homeless in our city."

Legal immigrants are welcome.
What's wrong with gay people? Why are they not welcome?
Who said they don't want the poor? I don't recall that discussion.
You've got me on that last point though, I don't want homelessness here. I want people to be self supporting or, barring that mutually supporting as a group such that they don't burden others, especially in the ways that JM describes. What do you want exactly?

July 2, 2014 at 9:36 a.m. ( | suggest removal )

Contraception Coverage Still Required In California Despite SCOTUS Ruling

PDSD, why do you believe it is not OK for an employer to enter into a private contract without infringing on doctor-patient medical options but it is OK for the government to insert itself into the issue by requiring those same medical options?

I get that contraception is a great thing. I wish more people were using it, but I really think that if the government is concerned about providing contraception they would be better served starting at the welfare line than in private insurance.

July 2, 2014 at 9:07 a.m. ( | suggest removal )

Protesters In Murrieta Turn Back Buses With Migrant Families

mp, how much more of YOUR wealth are you willing to share? It is easy to say that since Messrs. Gates, Buffet and Walton are rich they should give their money to others, but that is a crock. Put YOUR money on the line.

It is reasonable for nations to set a limit on immigration and expect prospective immigrants to follow the rules if they want to enter. It is not reasonable to claim that since there is room here there should be no restrictions on migration. We are not short of people. Let them either find someplace else that need new citizens (Japan and Italy have aging populations, maybe they would be welcome there) or take action at home to improve their native countries.

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