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Comments made by bikemonk

The Case Of The San Diego PhD Asked To Work For Free

Thanks for following up on this story and getting the details straight. While there are reasons for both the lab head and the prospective postdoc to see this as a simple win-win, the implications for the scientific industry are very bad. The recent decision in NY on Fox Searchlight Pictures interns is relevant. Valuable work needs to result in salary compensation.

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Scripps Institute Finds Designer Drug, Bath Salts Are More Potent, Addictive Than Meth


Do you really think "warning" is sufficient to risk opiate based OTC teething medications again?

Would a government finding that car air bags were a good idea mean that the average citizen could retrofit them to his or her car, absent regulatory requirements that forced manufacturers to included them? (heck, they fought seat belts).

For a poor person, or one stuck in a given neighborhood, is the warning that their cheap and local source of groceries might just be tainted with legionnaires or cholera or something be sufficient?

Or do we intervene. And find after we have done so that it is a net good?

Oh, and the irreplaceable service one would be missing is the friend, neighbor or relative that has died. Many of us have people that are important to us who are drug addicts. or were. or will be in the future. To echo Anon11, "society".

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Scripps Institute Finds Designer Drug, Bath Salts Are More Potent, Addictive Than Meth

The Pure Food and Drug Act of 1906, the subsequent Meat Inspection Act and the Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act of 1938 set down the emphatic principle that one of the roles of government is to protect people from "their own stupidity". There are numerous regulations on products (lead in paint) and individual behavior (think automobile speed limits) that are likewise directed at keeping people safer. In most, if not all cases, one is free to argue that these regulations only serve to protect people from their own choices- don't like auto wrecks? don't drive anywhere. Worried about tainted meat? Raise your own cows. Etc.

With respect to concepts of liberty and free choice, I would observe that making your choices based on the most accurate information is essential. Choices made in ignorance, or on the basis of misinformation provided to you by people with a financial interest in selling you something, are comparatively less free.

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