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Comments made by bird

Roundtable: Where Are We With Medical Marijuana?

Wow what an annoying and biased program .
Starting with Mr. Fudge calling our medical facilities " pot clubs "
repeatedly at the top of the show . I miss journalism where we don't get the reporters opinion ! The argument that there are too many dispensaries may be true , but when you have at least several times gone out for the only medicine that makes you capable of functioning and found your store where you are registered suddenly closed It may register as a peremptory defense .

As for The health of the young men ( I see plenty of women and unhealthy people at the dispensaries and still think of myself as young ) don't most people with debilitating illnesses look to be in better health when they regularly have their medicine ?

I personally spent 6 years in severe decline after 4 years learning why the rest of my family was in constant pain and lethargy . The last three years of which I could rarely leave the house . I am have just recently finished my first year with a prescription and renewed . I have started my own business and am able to be doing carpentry and landscaping after years of only sporadic ability to be active . I also trail run and surf again . If I stop my prescription with in a week I am nearly disabled . Do we insist that rich white men not be allowed Viagra because the idea of them with erections is disturbing to us ?

How are we disturbing those attacking us , Really Ob looked the same before the medical marijuana pharmacy so there aren't large roving bands of stonners all over the city . The police reports do not contain an inordinate amount of marijuana related violent crimes ( I looked ) .
How is it that people taking care of their medical issues or perceived medical issues in their own domicile offend those of you fortunate enough to be able to live a normal active life ?

confounded and annoyed

July 29, 2011 at 1:18 p.m. ( | suggest removal )