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Comments made by bl2487

Proposition A Wins Big

here is the thing that you all dont seem to realize, all of the PLA jobs go to union companies and put people like me out of work because of non-union companies are not even aloud to bid on these jobs or have to change everything about how they work the job that it becomes a loss to the company, my company has health benifets and retirement plans available we just have to opt-in to these programs and that money gets taken out of our pay as it should be. having a pla job my cpompany has to pay almost double the labor costs it normaly does and the employees actually get a pay cut to get onto those jobs, that is what happened the last job i was on, but my health benifets did not change all i got was a little "Davis Bacon" account that i cant touch until im retired, my company just layed off more than half of the workers based in san diego due to lack of jobs since our retarded president re-established pla's because we cant get any jobs that will make money

November 14, 2010 at 8:01 p.m. ( | suggest removal )