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Comments made by blackbike

San Diego Hospitals Adopt New Painkiller Policy

"If I am understanding that statistic correctly that means in the last 12 months there have been few than 269 deaths from car accidents, drowning, poisonings and/or heat stroke." Uh, no. There is no and/or...just or. Each cause of death had fewer than 269.
"Unfortunately it comes at the cost of the huge number of people who have conditions, such as allergies, and diseases, such as RA, that can "flare" on a weekend while their primary physician is not available or they cannot get an appointment with their doctor for up to eight weeks."
LadyLJ, let's get serious. You need a 30-day supply of Oxycontin because your allergies flared up? You have an RA flareup of such magnitude that you need more than a 30 day supply of Vicodin or Oxy, and your doctor won't see you for eight weeks?
As a person who questions dubious claims, I'm officially questioning what you in, it's nonsensical.

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The Return Of Floatopia

"The RIGHTS, CHOICES & FREEDOMS of San Diego Citizen's have been stripped by a small vocal group in PB who do not want ANYONE to enjoy a beer, wine, etc. on “their” beaches, bays and parks! "
Uh, check the city ordinance. 180 or so public parks, citywide, don't allow alcohol. When the drinkers get out of control, the neighborhood surrounding that park go through the process of fixing the problem. Since city beaches (and Mission Bay) aren't neighborhood parks, but coastal parks, designed to serve the whole city, and visitors, too....everyone in the city voted. The NOMBYKs (Not On My Beach You Knuckleheads) spoke very clearly. 40 thousand people live in PB. Two hundred and fifteen thousand or so votes in favor of the ban. Please explain the "small vocal group" part again, I don't understand your point.
Thank you.

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The Return Of Floatopia

mkcortez: "Would it be too much to simply limit the hours of Floatopia to those which are monitored by lifeguards and/or law enforcement?" Yes, here's why. The floating party on Labor Day 2009 had less than one percent of the beach crowd that weekend, but they garnered 25 percent of all the arrests and citations. We, the taxpayers, just won't continue to pay for that. No floatopia means the cops and lifeguards are free to patrol the streets, direct traffic, look for lost kids, watch for swimmers in trouble on other beaches, know, the reasons we HAVE cops and lifeguards in the first place. And when your suggestion was applied again, in March of 2010, it cost taxpayers 50k for just one day, on just a quarter-mile of beach. When the floating party moved to Fiesta Island, same detail of cops, lifeguards, and EMTs had to be there....unavailable for service elsewhere. Bonus? The floating drunks bobbed down to the beach at the youth aquatic center. The youth groups had to abandon their beach, and move around to the other side of the island. And the floating drinkers trashed Fiesta Island...which, until I saw it, wouldn't have believed was possible. (Whereas OMBAC leaves the island cleaner than it was before the OTL tournament....which is why you still can drink at that event. Responsible operators.)
Sorry for the lecture. But it seems that people just don't look at the history of this issue, and realize that the beach booze ban was the absolute last resort. Nobody wanted to do it. And, once again, nobody cares if you drink on the beach. Now, or ever. We're just not going to pay the tab for someone else's stupid and illegal actions.

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The Return Of Floatopia

"Part of being an adult is being able to make your own choice and then deal with consequences of those choices." Dmitry, good point. But what do you suggest we do when there are no consequences? Drunk in public is not an arrestable offense. (Ask a cop or an attorney, or just google 'drunk in public California.')
The consequences of drunks at the beach? The beach booze ban. The consequences of previous floatopia-type events? No more floatopias.
Neither of these were about "a few people spoiling it for the rest of us." It was about big crowds of people misbehaving with no consequences. Now we have consequences, sanctioned by an election. And consequences, sanctioned by the city council. The same people who LOST that election for you, the same people whose actions created the booze ban, the same people who couldn't gather enough signatures to stop the ban before it got to the ballot....these same wizards are telling you to go to Rowtopia. They're the same people who trashed Sail Bay, then went to the PS&NS committee and told the city leaders, "You're not the boss of me!" They're the same people who can't even get an event permit from the city for a see where I'm going with this? You really want to take advice from these corndogs?
Dmitry, I talked with you two years ago, right after the temporary booze ban passed, at Reed Street Beach. Remember? You asked why beach drinkers didn't deserve another chance. I gave you the list of times that booze bans had been enacted, then many chances. Blown, every time. By whom? The same people promoting Rowtopia.
Dmitry, we've talked, face to face. You're a reasonable guy. Knowing the track record of the promoters of this event..and what they've cost all of it reasonable to even listen to their nonsense?

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The Return Of Floatopia

Uh, "DUI ATTORNEY," you said the lifeguard was confused..then re-stated exactly what HE said.
As for the concerns of the's the deal. Drinking on a boat is legal, just need a sober operator. Always has been. Nobody cares.
Drinking on a float was legal. Nobody cared. But when six thousand bros descended on one spot, and trashed the beach, people cared.
Get a "vessel" or two. Get twenty of your friends and go have a floating party. Do it this weekend. Nobody cares.
But if 3,000 idiots...yeah, I said idiots...all gather at once in one spot and trash the beach, it will draw the attention of law enforcement. Idiots will be idiots, and they will be cited for illegal activity.
Hey, everyone likes to relax with a drink of their choice. But do you really have to show up at a Facebook event to have a good time? Are you people, or sheep? Are you really so concerned with being one of the "cool kids?"
Look, I like a cold beer at the beach. I drink all the time, and get nothing more than a friendly wave from passing cops. If you can't figure out how to do that, it's YOUR problem. The beach ban wasn't aimed at a "dry" beach; it was aimed at shutting down crowds of 3,000 idiots.
If 5,000 people show up for this, and 3,000 of 'em are the math. If the cops are citing the idiots, and you're right there...and step out of line just a little..they can't cut you any slack.
If the weather's nice, I'll be at the beach, having a couple of beers that day. Nobody cares. The cops will smile and wave at me, on their way to babysit the crowd at the rowtopia. Yeah, it's selective enforcement...and you just selected yourself for extra scrutiny, by joining a crowd that's sure to include a lot of idiots.
Nobody who has posted here is an idiot. But read the comments over on Facebook, regarding this event. Being in your "vessel" next to some of those guys...come on, why not just paint a target on the side of your boat...

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